Emgrand EC8 Review

Test driving cars is fun but sitting down and writing a lengthy review is what I dread most but here’s my review on the Emgrand EC8 after a weekend of driving. I covered a total of 245 kilometers in less than 48 hours starting from Thursday evening to Saturday afternoon and this gave me a pretty good idea on the car.

Body:  Monocoque chassis , 4 doors
Engine:  The version I drove was the EC820 which means it had a 2.0 inline 4. The top of the range gets a 2.4 inline 4.
Transmission:  4 speed automatic with manual option, front wheel drive
Seats: 5

For detailed specs you can check this [link]

First impression: Let me start off by sharing my personal experience. A few of my neighbors saw me in the parking lot on Saturday morning and congratulated me on buying a new Cadillac. They were most surprised to find out that not only was the car not a Cadillac but that it came from the Far East!

I spent a few minutes explaining to them the Geely brand and the Emgrand EC8 and they were impressed by the size and presence of the car. Make no mistake, this is a rather large car, its almost 5 meters long and 2 meters wide and sits a little higher than the average sedan. Click on through to read the full review…

Design: Overall the styling may be a little confusing as you can see hints of the Infiniti M45 from the front side angles, the grill and emblem remind you of the Cadillac and the rear three-quarter view might look like it came from BMW. Somehow all the design cues come together and you get a sedan which looks good in any driveway.  I was not surprised when I learned that famous Volvo designer, Peter Horbury, is now leading the designs for Geely. You can read more about it [here]

The doors feel solid and close with a secure feeling that is not present in even some cheaper Japanese cars. The hood and boot have hydraulic dampers on both sides and opening and closing them is very easy and convenient. Overall fit and finish is impressive but I did find the panel gap between the rear bumper and the body near the tail light to be less than perfect.


All around the car you’ll find small touches that makes you feel like you’re driving a much more expensive vehicle. The front headlights look stylish with the combination of Halogen and LED lights and there’s a chrome finish for the fog lamp bezels. The rear light cluster large and the LED brakelights are really bright at night. All four door sills have the Emgrand name engraved on metal plates and are illuminated by their respective door lights when you climb in.


Steering and controls: Climb into the driver seat and you’re greeted by a leather and plastic wrapped steering wheel. The steering felt a little thin for my chubby fingers but I guess it will be ok for some drivers. The version I tested was the mid-range model and didn’t come with steering controls for the radio.

There’s a tiny information screen in between the speedometer and tachometer which shows the average speed, trip data, distance to object while parking, as well as alert messages when you leave the doors or boot open.  I did most of my driving in manual mode and there’s a gear indicator next the ‘S’ symbol (I’m guessing it stands for sports mode) when you flick the gear lever into manual.

 The control stalks on either side of the steering wheel were easy to operate but the plastic used on the stalks were different from those used elsewhere in the car and felt cheap. They might want to reconsider changing the material.


Driving: The car I received had about 3000Ks on the clock and was properly run in so I didn’t have to be gentle with it. The seats and steering column settings are manual and you can adjust it to get the perfect driving position. The car pulls away cleanly from 0Kms and you can get up to cruising speed in a short time. The 17 inch stylish alloys provide adequate grip and gives you confidence in approaching corners at decent speeds. Body roll for a car this size was very minimal and the occupants are safely bolstered in the seats when making sudden direction changes. When driving alone I felt the suspension could be a little more pliant but when I took my parents for a spin they commented that the ride was soft and they didn’t feel the bumps on the road so I guess backseat passengers will be more comfortable than the driver.


Engine and Transmission: You can imagine the grin on my face when I lifted the hood and saw the familiar diamond star and MIVEC logo on the engine cover. The 2.0 power plant for the EC820 comes from Mitsubishi and so anyone who’s concerned about mechanical reliability and longevity can breathe easy. The transmission is a 4 speed automatic with a manual override option and does a good job of getting the power to the road. Being used to the newer 5 and 6 speed gearboxes I felt that the car could use a taller ratio for the final drive or the addition of a 5th gear.


Under normal driving conditions and with passengers in the back seat the 2.0 engine is capable of transporting you and your family at 120 on the highway. There were times when I felt that I could use a little more power and maybe the top range EC240 would be suitable for me.

Maximum power – 136PS @ 6000
Torque – 18.4 Kg/m @ 4000

Creature comforts:

1. Fully automatic climate control
2. CD player and SD card input
3. Felt lined sunglasses holder
4. Illuminated glove box and center console storage
5. 12 volt power outlets in the boot and center console and another power outlet/cigarette lighter in the dash

 Remote: Key-less entry with lock/unlock and boot release buttons. The key is similar to the new generation key fobs and has a spring loaded metal key for the ignition.

 Rear seats: The rear seats are a real treat in this car. Rear passengers get reading lights near the headrests, a sunscreen behind the seats and air conditioning. I took my parents for a spin and their feedback was that the legroom was fantastic and entry and exit out of the back seats was effortless. The back passengers don’t get dedicated temperature controls for the a/c but I had the climate control set to auto at 22c and it kept the insides comfortable while external temperature was 42.


Luggage space: Now this is the part of the review where I’m thinking of going back to stuffing people into the boot to check the luggage space. The total boot space is 540 Liters and you can flip down the rear seats to create even more space for long items. The boot is completely lined with sound deadening material and looks neat. The hazard triangle is attached on the boot lid in German fashion and is easily accessible. There’s a 12 volt power outlet in the boot and you can use it to power the portable cooler or the vacuum cleaner like I do in my Outlander.


Ever since Geely acquired Volvo they have been getting inputs from the Swedish manufacturer on increasing occupant safety and Geely now uses the same technology used by Volvo, which is considered one of the safest cars in the world. The company was kind enough to send me additional links with the test results for the EC7, EC8 and the LC Panda. My area of work involves looking at test results and from the data I’ve seen here there’s no doubt that Geely cars have a competitive safety rating.

 You can read the test results here
EC8 [Results]
EC7 [Results]
LC Panda[Results]

Scope for future improvements:

 1. Engine sounds a tiny bit rough when pushed hard. It’s perfectly silent when you driving in normal traffic or stopped at the lights but after 5000 rpm it gets rough.
2. Felt the lack of an overdrive ratio. Doing 120 on the expressway is fine but if you want to travel at 140+ for long distances a 5th gear with a taller ratio might be a good addition.
3. Information display in the instrument cluster could be a little bigger.
4. Steering wheel thickness could be a little more and overall circumference a little less.
5. The last one is a minor but very frustrating issue, the radio somehow starts with the volume at 10 each time to start the car. Maybe its some setting I have to change or just a problem with the one in my test drive.

Overall I’d like to say that driving the experiencing the Emgrand has changed my perception about Chinese cars and if you’re interested in knowing more I’d recommend making a visit to the Geely showroom. Here’s a short video on the EC8

For sales inquiry and prices contact Mr. Anish on 50634600

39 Replies to “Emgrand EC8 Review”

  1. Great review Mathai….the car sure looks solid. Loved the space at the back. Such cars will surely dent markets in the future. Good one.

  2. After reading your review i will visit the showroom as one of my collegue is looking for new car. Can you give us an idea on the starting price?

  3. Wow! Awesome review… The car looks pretty inviting… I guess that’s one car that’s gonna go into my list… 🙂

    Any idea what the price range is for this one?

    1. Hello everyone. Thanks for reading the review. I’ll get in touch with the company and update the contact information for sales enquiry.

      1. hi ..
        brother i m frm nepal .. n i m chekin out this car each n evry day… today i read ur review for this car… i ws wondering hw this car must b but aft ur review i think its fine… u ve mentioned that ders cheap plastic been used on the dash… so does it looks really cheap to someone sittin in the car

  4. Congrats :tu
    Excellent review .. didnt know Geely were in q8 🙂
    You could include available versions, pricing info or sales contact details.. just a thought.. 😉

  5. Reviews reads good. The engine is from Mitsubishi, the dash looks 7 years old, the logo of the car from a distance looks Cadillac, dust sticks easily on the dash.

    What are those nameless buttons below the A/C display screen?

  6. Good review ! It would be nice to compare this car with its contemporaries.. That is what Korean cars did in their early days.. more bang for the buck was frequently highlighted.

  7. For sales inquiry and prices contact Mr. Anish on 50634600. Believe me, you’ll be shocked at the prices. I’m actually considering getting an LC Panda full option for my wife.

  8. Thanks for a great review. Few Questions & Remarks:
    1- What kind of warranty you give on car?
    2- there is a showroom in Shaab area with geely cars, is it related to you?
    3- are you offering a guaranteed buy back program? This helped the Koreans a lot to penetrate the market.
    4- One advice, next time you submit a car for review, remove the plastic covers off the seats. It will reduce the cheap feel in the pictures.

  9. @kkamal
    1. we gives you 3 year or 100000 km warranty for the cars
    2.the Geely brand is belongs to us Al- shaya and Al- sagar (kaico), new showroom on its final touch exclusively for GEELY only on 4th ring road near by safat alghanim and infinity show room.inauguration on 11 th of june 2012, all the people are invited. :)))) http://www.kaico.net/press-details.asp?id=5 check the link
    3.please come after 3 year, we will give you another new vehicle…. 🙂

  10. In Saudi Arabia, Prices for EC8 range from SR46 -SR60,000 (KWD 3,500- 4,5000). Hope the top end of the model will sell for less than KWD 5000 in Kuwait.

  11. I had visited them and had all the queries. I asked few friends who are about to take the new cars. They are discouraging me saying that there won’t be re-sale value and also about high maintenance cost as it has so many high end features. Many want to see the car on the road and its performance before buying which will take some years.

  12. I had visited them and had all the queries. The above car will cost around KD3800/- which has lot of features of a high end car. I asked few friends who are about to take the new cars. They are discouraging me saying that there won’t be re-sale value and also about high maintenance cost as it has so many high end features. Many want to see the car on the road and its performance before buying which will take some years.

  13. Thank you Mathai for a comprehensive review…

    Today I went for a test drive of top end EC825 with 2.4 lit n full options.. Its a amazing car for the price they are offering.
    I too observed the same deficiencies you have mentioned. but overall driving comfort is appriciable. The look and interior layout is very nice and a decent buy for the economy.

    To add.. the spacing of parts below the hood looks very nice and i feel it gives an edge to workability n access during any maintenance being carried out.

  14. Hi Mathai,
    Thursday I have visited the Geely Showroom to check EC8. Got impressed with the vehicle, but not happy with AC while test drive. It was not effective. Share your views. Also, what about the maintenance and spare parts cost. As it is a part of Alshaya, I guess must be quite costly compared to Corrolla. Spill your beans regarding that also.

  15. hai anish,
    i would like to buy this car ,can u give good suggesion ,
    i try to call but i dint get i think u mistake ur number ther only 9 digit ,please add your correct number otherwise can you contact me my number 0559579161-shabeeb

  16. 948677 952859It is difficult to get knowledgeable folks on this subject, but the truth is be understood as what happens you are preaching about! Thanks 469513

  17. Dear Sir

    Pls write a review after you have riven the car under 50 degree Kuwait environment, I do not want to be pessimistic, we have to see how this car performs after hitting the road for 2 years at least driven under harsh environment ,will the plastics still hold(Dash Board) or will it crack, will the AC still works or just blows hot air , because many Chinese cars were sold in Kuwait and disappeared after crossing the first summer.This holds good for Indian cars also , Scorpio is an example.Japanese and american cars were evolved well for the past 30 -40 years, fine tuning their products to gulf environment .
    I feel that is very premature to pass a judgement on this EMGRAND ,only time will judge this car

    1. This car in Saudi is big success, its going well , I have EC7 and its working good, stable in the heavy wind being a light car,..A/C not bad …we have consider its cost of buy …thats very cheep…

  18. Hai Mathew… I read ur review.. its quite interesting . It covered almost eveythg in a short space.. Am in saudi arabia. Can anyone give me the price of EC8 in saudiarabia

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