Panasonic Lumix GX1 – My New Companion

After a long time of indecisiveness I finally took the plunge and bought myself a Micro Four Thirds System camera, the Lumix GX1. To say that this is an impressive camera would be an understatement. The GX1 packs in quite a number of features in such a small package that you’ll love it from the get go.

Now this is not an extensive review on the features of the camera itself, for that you can check out the detailed report on DP Review [link].  My first option was the G1X from Canon but then went with the GX1 as I like the freedom of interchangeable lenses. Having a compact camera with SLR-like capabilities was my requirement and this fit the bill perfectly.

Check out the size comparison below  with my Nikon D60 and 18-55mm lens.

Here’s a list of what I liked about the camera;
1. Compact size, metal body and buttons
2. Interchangeable lens options
3. Great ISO performance (check out my Geely launch and Jade Garden posts, all photos were taken in really low light)
4. Fast Autofocus
5. Four customizable function buttons
6. Responsive touch screen and easy to use menu
7. Shoots RAW + JPEG

Here’s some more information about the Micro Four Thirds platform [link]

9 Replies to “Panasonic Lumix GX1 – My New Companion”

  1. It’s a great camera…but alas…after I purchased this, along with some nice lenses, I realized that what I really want is the Sony RX100.

    1. Yes the RX100 is smaller but it looks too small 🙂
      The GX1 feels perfect in my chubby hands lol!

    1. Yes! I knew there was something missing when I was making the list last night. Updated the list on the post, #7. Shoots RAW 😀

    1. Are you referring to the Fujifilm X-Pro1? thats more than double the cost of the GX1. I just wanted a secondary camera which offered the same SLR functionality that I’m used to and it was what I expected. I’d buy the X Pro 1 if I won a lottery lol!

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