The Ridge Wallet 2.0

Ridge 3

Its been almost a year and a half since I’ve been planning this post but the only hitch was that I didn’t actually have the item in my hand to review! The Ridge wallet is a minimalist wallet that started out as a KickStarter project and it was a success so when they announced a version 2.0 I wanted to get one too. I don’t want to go into that horror story about the Kuwait Postal Service now but you can read about it [here].

Long story short, after landing in the States I thought I’d contact the company to see if I could get a discount on a second purchase since I never received the first one. The owner of the company replied and he gave me a generous discount towards my next order. How awesome is that? Thank you Daniel Kane!

So why did I need a minimalist wallet?

1. I had a bad habit of stuffing random items into my wallet and at a certain point even approached Costanza proportions.
2. My credit cards and drivers licenses were warping and a couple of cards even cracked and I had to tape them up with scotch tape.
3. The bulging wallet in my back-pocket was causing bruising and back-pain especially while driving long distances.

Ridge 1
So finally I got one and I’ve been using & abusing it over the last three months and its great! I ordered mine in Aluminium Gunmetal color with a money clip. In the box you get the wallet, a sample plastic card and the torx screwdriver. I additionally ordered the elastic inner band a set of torx screws.

So whats good about it?

Rugged and sturdy construction: Its got an Aluminium shell and I’ve been throwing it around quite a bit and its in great shape. Also the cards stay safely inside the wallet and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. The money clip is sturdy too. I don’t use paper money much but its nice to have a few dollars for emergencies. I think in the pictures I’ve got around 20 dollars in various bills.

Ridge 0 Ridge 00

Compact shape: This is what I love about it and my main reason for buying one in the first place! I have about 7 cards on an average and when I’m staying at hotels I also keep my room key-card in there too. So with 8 plastic card stuffed in it, its still slim enough to go into your front pocket and not bulge obscenely.

Safety and privacy: All my plastic cards are in perfect shape and I don’t think there is a chance of them bending or cracking in the foreseeable future. The second one is the RFID blocking, which I didn’t think much about initially but in this day and age its good to have. I tried it out at one of the hotels I was staying at recently. The RFID lock on my door didn’t register the card while it was inside my wallet so I guess this rudimentary test proves it works!

Ridge 4

Conclusion: Would I buy a second one? No, coz it looks like it might last me a lifetime and as they themselves say “This is the last wallet you’ll ever own”. Would I recommend it to friends and family? Oh yes most certainly. I don’t think I’ll go back to leather wallets after using The Ridge wallet.

You can buy them from the link below

The Ridge Wallet

Kuwaiti Trail Mix

Kuwaiti Trailmix

A friend of mine recently started a blog that covers a few of his passions, Bollywood, Movies and Idie music, to name a few. During a chat with him about the blog he mentioned that he wanted to dive into the expatriate subcultures in Kuwait and cover as much as possible about the various foreign communities in Kuwait.

He’s also a movie buff as I soon discovered and has an in-depth knowledge of Bollywood movies and stars. His blog posts will cover movie reviews, filmi updates and also cover Indie music.  Head on over to Kuwaiti Trail Mix and subscribe to the blog feed.

Looking Back And Looking Ahead

Red Arrows in Kuwait

Its been a long year and quite eventful on the personal and work front but sadly the blog has taken a big hit. With so many blog posts in the draft phase and hundreds of photographs still  unprocessed I’m not sure how or when I’ll get around to it.

I’ve been thinking about making my blog more about my interests in photography, cooking and building model kits. Another idea I’ve had floating around is to start another page just for my photography alone and keep all the other stuff on this page.

Anyway, hope I get more time to update stuff on this page in the coming year. Happy New Year everyone and have a great time in 2014!

Good News for Grendizer Fans

Grendizer & Kuwait Towers - Part III

One of the first things I did when I came back to work in Kuwait in 2006 was search for places selling Grendizer. I had lost mine during the invasion and ever since then I’ve always wanted to get a replacement.

During an online search I had found out that Bou Saleh had them in stock but would cost around 200 KD for the Soul of Chogokin set. This was way out of my budget and later last year when they re-released the kit it was retailing for around 60 KD but I had other things that took higher priority and this slipped my mind completely.

Last month I happened to see that Super Robot Chogokin series was coming out with a Grendizer model and I didn’t think twice in booking my figure. Delivery starts only in June and I might get mine by July but its well worth the wait considering its a decent quality set and only costs about 12 KD. I’ve linked the kits I’ve mentioned in this post down below;

Soul of Chogokin GX-04S Grendizer & All Speizer Set [link]
Brave Gohkin Grendizer [link]
Super Robot Chogokin Grendizer [link]

The picture above is by a friend of mine, Mishari, a very talented photographer. You can see more of his work [here]

Photos from Comic Con Express Bangalore 2012

A friend and fellow blogger, Mithun has posted a ton of pictures from the recently held ComicCon in Bangalore. From the pictures it seems that Cosplay is becoming popular in India as well. I wonder when Danny Choo will make an appearance in India and do a Star Trooper dance on Brigade Road.

Hit up the link on Mithun’s page to read a summary of the event and see a lot of pictures.
Mithun’s coverage of ComicCon 2012 Bangalore [link]

Two of my favorite guys are back

This month the Vahrevah Chef came back from a long hiatus and Mark Wallace posted a quick update about things to come on Adorama TV. These two channels are just two of many I’ve subscribed to but I eagerly look forward to both.

Adorama TV is a highly recommended channel if you’re into photography and these guys have a whole lot of resources and hosts to provide all kinds of tips and tutorials on photography. Mark Wallace is the main host, along with Brian Peterson and now it appears Gavin Howey will also be a regular on the show. Here’s the [Adorama channel]

As I’ve mentioned previously on the blog, the Vahrevah show is a non-pretentious cooking show which aims to simplify Indian and Western cooking for the average viewer and is sometimes entertaining. You can view his channel [here]

Dark Knight Trilogy Artwork by Jake the Pencilist

A colleague of mine recently shared a time lapse video of his cousin creating a homage to the Dark Knight Trilogy and I was just blown away. Jake the Pencilist is an architect by profession and from the work he has shared on his Facebook page hes a really talented artist as well. Watch the video below.

 Thanks TJ

Youtube [link]

Jake the Pencilist on [Facebook]

You Can Contribute To Blogger Mathai


As some of you may know I’d changed jobs at the beginning of this year and plus got some additional responsibilities on the home front so blogging has taken a back seat lately. In order to keep things moving on the blog I’m inviting you to contribute material which may of interest to all the readers.

If you have something which is you think is interesting and would like to see it on this blog then email me with the material and I’ll post it.


There’s no need to say anything at all for this post. Guys who’ve grown up on Thundercats in the 80’s will dig this stuff and I must say that the Bandai version is light-years ahead of the old LJN version which I still have back home

The new version has 18 points of articulation and features interchangeable hands. Its also comes with the Sword of Omens in both sizes and the Claw. I would have preferred if they’d color the joints on the ankles so that it doesn’t stick out visually. I’ll probably have to paint it later on myself and maybe apply a top coat to protect the paint.  Also check out the quick video I made after the jump.

I bought this from Amazon and they’ve slashed prices further since I bought it so now would be a good time to get one since they may not continue the 8 inch version in the long run.

Continue reading “Hooooo!”


I’m not a huge watch freak but to some people it may appear that I have far too many above whats considered normal. Lets just say that I have about a dozen watches but they have specific purposes. I don’t, for example, wear a G-Shock with a suit and don’t usually wear a leather strap dress watch when I’m going out for sports or swimming.

WatchesThis post is just about the kinds of watches there are and I get tired of people asking me if my automatic watches run using body heat! Thats not how it works. The links below and the video should help clear some of your doubts about watch types.


Watch Types, Youtube [link]
All about watches [link]