Recliner from Furniture Wholesale

I’ve been meaning to buy one of these ever since I saw this episode of Friends back when I was in college. My reaction on trying out the recliners in the showroom was almost the same as Joey’s and Chandler’s and I couldn’t resist not buying one. The one I bought was listed 95 KD and I got it for 85 after discount. They have a lot more models and more expensive ones but none of them have the built-in refrigerators or speakers as I’ve seen online. This is what I need for dusty weekends in Kuwait.


True Value

We went by True Value the other day to buy some miscellaneous  items for the household. The place is huge but I didn’t check out all the stuff they had on sale, my interest was mainly in some hardware items and paints. Each time I go into a hardware store I feel like buying all kinds of completely unnecessary stuff like rotary saws or heavy duty drills.   If you’re into model kits you’ll be interested to know that they sell the small cans of Krylon which is 550 fils and works out good for you if you only need a small amount.

I also checked out the tools and accessories and it looked like they have a wider range of steel fasteners and screws than Bin Nisf. I’ll need to go again soon to refill my stock of plastic plugs, screws and clamps.

Saw a couple of Air Rifles in the display case but they were the more expensive kind, I think they also sell Daisy air rifles for about 40 KD.  They also have a toys section but it was mainly some cheap r/c cars and WWE action figures.

True Value website [link]
They’re located in Al Rai after the Lexus and Toyota garages. If you’re driving towards the Avenues from 4th Ring Road you’ll see True Value on your left.

Kuwait Scientific Center – offers during May

Thanks Usman Ch,
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Starting Sunday 1 May 2011, and on EVERY Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday during the month of May, The Scientific Center will run a new promotion called “Afternoon Delight” offering 50% off its admission tickets to all 3 attractions from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  Prices will be:
Aquarium: KD1.500
Discovery Place: KD1.000
IMAX: KD1.500

Burger King & Pizza Hut are offering a 15% discount during the same period

Jet Skiiing – activity

A couple of my friends went jet skiing on Thursday at one of the beaches along Gulf Street. You’ll find a few places along the coast near Kuwait Towers and the 24 hours McDonalds that provide skis rental. The rates are 15 KD for 30 minutes and 25 KD for 1 hour. Unfortunately I couldn’t join them as I’m still recovering from that fucking viral cold.

Art exhibition at Lulu

I was at Lulu during the weekend and came across an art exhibition on the first floor, where there used to be a perfume shop. The gallery was organized by ‘Friends of Kannur’; FOKE  and unfortunately one of the ‘Fokers’ (is that how you call a member?) informed me that  it was the last day of the show so it wasn’t much use telling my friends about it since it was too late.

They had a decent number of paintings displayed and most of them were in the 50-100 KD range and some of them looked really good like this nightmarish creation 😀 Also on display was a collection of miniature art on rice grains, lentils and beans. You had to use a magnifying glass to appreciate all the fine details. I hope they organize exhibitions like this on a regular basis.

Indian Associations in Kuwait

Gateway to the Taj

The number of Indian associations in Kuwait seems to be increasing and thats a good sign. People will have a wide choice of cultural clubs to join or maybe even find that their college alumni has a branch here!  The Indian Embassy in Kuwait requires that each association register themselves with the Embassy along with details of the office bearers and signatures of all the members. They’ve got an updated list on their website and you can download it [here]

Theres another list from Konkani but it looks like they haven’t updated it in a while. [link]

Shooting Range Kuwait – Part 2

My friend BVG and I had just completed a ‘grueling’ 4 hour examination today and I suggested we go shoot some lead at the shooting range. It had been a while since my last visit and I’m happy to report that I still suck as much as last time 😛

The 9mm automatic pistol has become like a favorite firearm for me since I like the way it nestles in my palm and the recoil is almost nil when compared to a .45. We payed 6 KD each for a round with the 9mm. One round gets you two clips and each clip contains 10 bullets so thats like 300 fils per bullet. Shooting at the range can be quite addictive and during the last visit I think my friends and I spent quite a bit of money trying out various weapons. Its good for the occasional treat when you’ve got the ‘I fucking need to  shoot something‘ feeling 🙂

To get to the shooting range, go past 350 Mall on 6th Ring Road and then take the exit marked ‘Hunting and Equestrian Club’, once you reach that road go past the hunting club and you’ll come up to a large building, thats Mayadeen a.k.a Shooting Range. You’ll have to submit your civil ID to the security personnel in the lobby and then select what weapons you want to shoot with at the counter. Rifles and pistols are in different ranges.

Location [wikimapia]

Trippy effects – Peter Blaskovic experiments

I came across this site the other day and I think its rather cool. Theres a lot of really cool effects you can use to create trippy wallpapers. Once you’re done making an image you can save it and download the JPEG file.  Check out some of the pictures in the gallery.

Flame [link]

Flame Gallery [link]

Thanks JJ! 🙂