Lucy Pinder is HOT!

I was following the news on the latest installment ofย  the Transformers movie and I just don’t understand the hype about the replacement for Megan Fox, Ms. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Maybe my tastes are different but shes not hot (although shes a Victoria’s Secret model) You wanna know who I think is HOT? Lucy Pinder! This buxom gal reminds me of Kelly Brook (one of my favorites from the 90s)

Maybe I’m getting old but c’mon you have to admit that shes smoking, although she wouldn’t be a great choice in a Sci Fi movie coz running from alien robots with those ‘assets’ could be a little difficult. Click on ahead for more ‘hotness’ and complete the opinion poll.


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What to do in Cochin?

Cochin is not a very familiar place for me as my family is settled in Trivandrum but since my wife is based in Cochin we visit this city every now and then. Over the past couple of visits I’ve gone to some of the popular tourist locations but I was wondering if there are any night clubs or lounge bars that I could visit this time.

I’ve heard about this lounge bar called ‘Thaandav’ but no one I know has been there so if any Cochin guys are reading this I’d appreciate some feedback from you. Or if you could recommend some other places I’d be more than happy to try them out and include it in my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the links to my last visit to Cochin

Pai Brothers Fast Food [link]

You buy We Fry [link]

Sights and Sounds of Cochin [link]

In and around cochin [link]

Shooting Flora and Fauna [link]

History of the internet

I found this cool link on the history of the Internet from 1957 to the 2000s.

Internet Timeline [link]

Other links you might find interesting;

This one starts from 700 BC!ย  ๐Ÿ˜› [link]

Birth of the internet [link]

Picture from this link

Movies to look out for this year

2010 promises to be an awesome year for sci-fi movie buffs with movies like Ironman 2, Tron and Clash of the Titans. Here are the latest trailers of the three most anticipated movies of this year.

Ironman2 [link]

Tron [link]

Clash of the Titans [link]

Thats just paper??

I hated origami when I was in school, we had to make frogs and crane and all kinds of silly animals. When I saw these pictures I was shocked to know that they’re made by just folding pieces of paper!ย  Check out the pictures in the link below.

Via Danny [link]

This what I’d be like at Origami ๐Ÿ˜€

Ultimate Mazinger – UMC

This is probably the ultimate Mazinger a guy can buy. Pre-order starts on January 29th and only 10 lucky buyers will ge their grubby paws on this work of art. Even if I could afford it I wouldn’tย  because one or more of the following events may take place if I buy it;

1. Parents will disown me

2. Wife will divorce me

3. Brother will hire a team of Ninja Assassins to kill me and steal the figure.

Check out the details below;

Made of Titanium Carbon. The figure is 900mm tall, about 8kgs heavy. The display base included is 600mm tall, with 400mm in width and depth respectively, weighting about 4kgs.

Not available through regular limited release method, pre-order will be done completely through direct contact between Tamashii Nation and interested buyers. Production will be strictly quantity-limited as well, only 10 units is to be produced.

Cost: 2,000,000 Yen! Thats around 6,500 KD!

Via Ngee Khiong [link]

More pictures [link]

Detailing weapons and Verniers

I’ve been neglecting working on my models due to recent work schedules and this weekend was rather hectic as well. But you cant be an Otaku if you’ve lost all contact with gunpla so I managed to sneak in some time and add some details to the weapons in my arsenal.

Here are some of the steps involved in making your weapons as realistic as possible;

1. Remove seamlines: I used Tamiya thin cement to glue the halves together and then sanded down the seams to merge the sides.

2. Paint base coat: I dont have a primer or ‘Surfacer’ so I just primed the surface using fine grit paper and then slapped on a coat of Tamiya Gunmetal, X-10.

3. Detail parts: I used Tamiya Flat Aluminium; XF-16, and a chrome marker to add some details. If the gun has a lens scope or laser sight, you can use a glossy metallic sticker for it.

4. Coloring internal of verniers: For the RX79G I used a combination of Red and Yellow inside the thrusters and for Zaku II I just dry brushed the insides to give it a rough look.

Hopefully I’ll have some spare time in the future to build/mod a Z’Gok that I have in my shelf ๐Ÿ™‚

Indian Auto websites

Photo originally uploaded by Mathai [link]

The only way I can keep abreast of happenings in the Indian automobile industry is through the internet and there are some sites that I frequently visit.What I don’t like about some of the magazine websites is the lack of detailed news or interesting content but its adequate if you just want to know about the latest models out in the showrooms or summaries of road tests.

Magazine sites:

Auto Car India [link]

Business Standard Motoring [link]

Overdrive [link]

Auto India [link]

Car India [link]

Bike India [link]

Other sites:

Xbhp [link]

Wheels unplugged [link]

India on 2 wheels [link]

Bin Nisf Hardware

I spent hours today trying to find a small pair of side cutters for my hobby work and didnt find exactly what I wanted at ACE hardware or any of my usual places. After exiting what was probably my 10th store today, the guy asked me to check out Bin Nisf hardware and assured me I’d find what I was looking for.. and he was right! A beautiful pair of side cutters exactly as I wanted!

This was my first time at Bin Nisf and I was blown away at the amount of stuff they have there. I think I’m gonna make this my regular hardware shop from now on. You can also check out their website to see what they have. If you love hardware then don’t miss this place.

Bin Nisf website [link]

Phone: 1822244

Location: Shuwaikh Industrial area. past Press street, take a left at the second intersection and you’ll find Bin Nisf on your right.

Map: [link]