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Stop the foam!

I think its high time people stopped this madness. I don’t mean any disrespect to Kuwait’s National day or Liberation Day but I hate those bastards out there who spray chemical foam, shaving cream, tooth paste and even hair removal cream on innocent bystanders. Take a look at the videos on Youtube. Tips from previous years;

. Keep you car doors and windows locked when driving during Liberation day weekend

. Make sure theres plenty of water in your windscreen washer tank

. Do not drive on Gulf Street

. Don’t stop if a group of young boys/ men surround your car. I don’t mean run them over but you have a right to protect yourself and your family.

Dangerous neighborhood


Over the past couple of months we’ve been hearing of Arabs and Bedoons attacking some of the people in our neighborhood either with the intention of kidnapping them or stealing their money and mobile phones. Often these were just second-hand accounts and I didnt pay much heed to them.

This morning around 5.20 AM I heard a man shouting, sounds of car doors opening and closing and a woman screaming in the background. My wife and I looked out of our bedroom window and saw an early morning jogger escaping from the clutches of a gang of muggers. Since it was time to get ready for work I didn’t go downstairs to inquire further since the muggers had fled the scene and a group of people began gathering around the victim.

I live in an area called Jleeb Al Shuyoukh and a lot of people have asked me why I don’t move to a nicer locality like Salmiya or Manqaf. My answer to that is “its not the residents of Jleeb that are the problem rather its these anti-social motherfuckers (pardon my language) who give this place a bad name”. They could easily move their operations to any other locality in Kuwait, what would I do then? Move again?

I’m sure of one thing though, I’ll be carrying protection from now on.

Jleeb on Wikipedia [link]

City lights

I was out with a friend on a quick photoshoot this weekend, well we didn’t really take a lot of shots since the whole illumination thing is getting rather boring. I hope there’ll be some fireworks display during the national day weekend. Here are a selected few that I took.

Tips for better driving

originally uploaded by Mathai [link]

Here’s a bunch of tips from yours truly that I compiled after observing the driving habits in Kuwait.

1. Seat belts are for pussies. Many modern cars come with an annoying buzzer and visual warning that goes off when the driver’s seat belt is not fastened. You can easily bypass this by looping your seat belt over the headrest and buckle it on the other side. Now no more annoying beeps and flashes, also when your car slams into another car or road sign you can easily be launched head first thru the windshield.

2. Show your children you love them. Carry toddlers in your lap while you speed along at 120 Kmph on the express way, or if you have a couple of small kids, let them accompany you in the passenger seat so that they may also have front row seats in the event of a accident.

3. Roads are for nerds. If you’re in a hurry to get to work and there’s a traffic jam up ahead, then don’t worry, that’s what the sidewalks are for. If you have an SUV then simply ride up onto the kerb and drive as fast as you can while pedestrians and road cleaning crew jump onto the road for dear life.

4. Multi-tasking is important. In today’s fast life you may not get enough time to finish all your tasks. Why not do all that while driving? Read the newspaper, adjust your head-gear, pluck your eyebrows, apply some lipstick, have a cup of coffee, brush your teeth, shave, take a bath.. oh the list is endless!

5. Take the exit as late as possible. You might lose velocity if you take the middle or slow lane while exiting the express way. The solution to that is to keep driving in the fast last as late as humanly possible and then take a sharp turn cutting across 3 lanes of traffic. Dont worry about the people screeching to a halt or honking, they’re just stopping to appreciate your fine driving skills.

6. Driving in one lane is boring. There are usually 3 or 4 lanes to choose from when you’re on the road, so why restrict yourself to just one? Drive for a few seconds in one lane and when that gets boring  just jump across to the next one. That way you can keep yourself entertained and reach your destination with a fresh mind.

7. Say hi to the ladies. Be a gentleman, if you see a pretty young thing driving along(especially on Gulf street), try your best to say hello to her by tailgating as close as possible to her rear bumper, or you could drive up close till your doors come in contact.  If the young girl crashes her car or goes off the road and bursts into flames, don’t worry it just probably means she wasn’t ready for a relationship.

8. Give your car some breathing space. If you’re going out to Avenues or 360 mall for shopping, make sure to give your car some space by parking diagonally across two parking spots. If you can enjoy wide open spaces why not let your car do the same?

Unfortunately my lack of experience has yielded only these  tips but I will post more as my experience grows and I’ll share them with you.

Fishy mails from BKME

Actually these mails are ‘Phishing’ mails rather than fishy. For those of you not yet aware of these scams, please be sure not to click on links within emails that say your account will be closed/deactivated if you don’t reconfirm your details online.

Always check the address bar of your browser to make sure that its points to the correct address and that the connection is “https” not “http”. BKME also has tips on such emails. You can check it out here [link] One thing you can do is enter completely false information and scam the scamsters :D

Full moon

The moon is supposedly at its biggest size (for this part of the globe) and tonight being very clear its a good time to take some moon shots. :)

55-200mm VR
M – 5.6 , 1/200

This is not a tripod shot, I used my car’s roof as a support while I shot this.

View On Black

Bloggers be afraid!

This is the first thing I see this morning !

And when I walked into the office once of the first things I heard was “Man you’re in trouble” :D  Oh great!  the government has decided to ‘punish’ bloggers. But who are these bloggers? I can tell you that its not the majority of the bloggers in Kuwait ( the last thing I want to blog about is the local political scene). I guess this warning is to the Kuwaiti bloggers who dare mess with the government. All the best to you guys!

Parking spot sensors in Avenues Mall

I noticed these sensors above all the parking slots at Avenues Mall. They’re green when its empty and glow red when there’s a car in parked in that spot.

This is good in the following scenarios;

a)They can know exactly how many cars are parked inside the building at any given time and then maybe update it on a sign board outside the mall.

b) They can easily pin point where cars have been parked overnight and tow them away. They’ve also posted warnings on the same.