Enfield Continental GT

Last weekend I met up with a friend after a long time and we spent some time chatting about our shared interests, one of which was motorcycles. My friend is currently getting a classic Bullet restored and we were talking about customizing options on the old thumper. When I got home I remembered this rumor I had heard last year about Royal Enfield coming out with a Cafe Racer style bike so I went online to do some news hunting.

It appears that the rumors were true after all and the Continental GT will be available to motor-heads sometime by the end of the year. I’m loving the new breed of Bullets, especially the single seat Bullet Classic 350 and 500 and now we’re spoiled for choices with the GT. From the looks so far its definitely something I’d love to have in my garage in the future.

Royal Enfield has also added a new production facility from where they’ll be rolling out the next generation thumpers and I hope the final product will be something that is reliable and fun to ride. Here’s a video walkabout of the new plant.

Royal Enfield [website] and [Facebook]

Photos from The International Motocross Challenge 2012 – Kuwait


Here’s some pictures of the action at the race today. Weather conditions were really bad and by afternoon the sandstorm hit Wafra area and we had to make a fast retreat back to the city. I think I prefer the dirt track off 6th Ring Road where last year’s race was held coz it had more vantage points for photography.

The surprise of the day was finding out that an Indian rider was also racing in the challenge and he came in fourth place in the final race. There was a small team of people supporting him and a news clip for Asianet was being filmed when I got there. The Kawasaki sponsored rider, Mr. Jinan Chellikkattil Dasan,  hails from Thrissur, Kerala. It was great to see the Indian flag and a rider representing my country at an International level.

More pictures after the break and as usual another crappy video clip from myself (I really should learn how to shoot video)

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TVS Apache’s onboard Entertainment System

My brother and I were hanging around our neighborhood the other day when we noticed our local Fatayer delivery guy’s bike was playing music. So we went in to take a closer look and saw this! Disregard the ‘Honda’ and ‘600’  decals, this is a [TVS Apache RTR]

I’m embarrassed to say this but I had a similar setup on my bike for a very short period that consisted of a friend’s MOSFET Amp, a ‘Bolton’ speaker and my old Sony Walkman. This guy’s player even has USB input lol!


Motocross challenge – Kuwait

Click to view larger size

I had some free time in between errands this morning and so managed to get a glimpse of the motocross event before I had to go again. The dirt track is in the same area as the ProKart race circuit and the drift track, you’ll have to drive past the drift track compound and you’ll reach it in about 1 Km.

The challenge was divided into Beginners and Expert classes and some of those guys were really talented. I noticed that there were 2 strokes and 4 strokes in the same class (or maybe it was just during practice laps) Anyway I took about 200+ frames in the time that I was there but due to other pressing engagements I won’t have time to post process them til tomorrow. Here’s one picture and a short video to keep you satisfied till then.

Motocross challenge in HD [Youtube]

Riding to Ponmudi Hills

This past weekendI was going thru my old biking photographs taken on numerous expeditions to rural areas and now I miss the twisting curves and and open air freedom of a two wheeler. While driving in Kuwait is relaxing when compared to the chaotic traffic in India, I do miss the winding roads sometimes. One of my favorite rides was the one to Nandi Hills in Bangalore and Ponmudi Hills in Trivandrum.

Ponmudi hill, Trivandrum [link]

The more technical route is Ponmudi with its famous/infamous 22 hairpin curves that test the limits of man and machine. When going uphill you have to make sure to keep a distance from the apex and not lean fully into it as you may get thrown over a cliff and when coming downhill always use engine braking and also be careful not to overwork the clutch to prevent it from overheating.

Theres nothing to beat that feeling of accomplishment after a long satisfying ride with a few close buddies or even by yourself. I WANT MY BIKE BACK !!!

HOG Kuwait Bike Show

The show this year will take place at The Avenues for one day, Friday 17 April, 2009.

Check out the link for Harley Owner’s Group

USB Engine Hub

I’m sure that by now many of you know that I’m fond of the Universal Serial Bus and the many (crazy) devices that plug into it. Here’s a wonderful USB hub that many motor-heads like me would love to have on their desktop. It’s even got a kick start and gear shifter, the best part… it actually revs up and idles when you plug it in !

It looks remarkably like the good ‘ol Enfield Single cylinder block 🙂

Source : Engadget

Piaggio MP3

Here’s a new offering from Piaggio, the makers of the beloved Vespa.
Its a three wheeled Scooter ! The way it does the slalom test has to be seen.
Check out the video on the Piaggio site

Radial Chopper

(Pictures courtesy www.motorcycle-usa.com)

This has got to be the most extreme engine shoved into a chopper frame. Infact the frame had to be designed to fit around the engine. This chopper shares it’s heart with an airplane !!

Yeah thats right, a Rotec R2800.

It’s a JRL Cycles’ Radial Chopper.

Heres the article on motorcycle-usa