Thaikkudam Bridge – Live in Kuwait

I was looking forward to seeing Thaikkudam Bridge perform live ever since I saw their videos on Music Mojo. The band itself has around 14 members and they’re all on stage on various instruments and its both insane and awesome at the same time.

Their songs like Nostalgia, Illayaraja Medley and Fish Rock would be familiar to most people but on stage they had almost 3 hours of non stop numbers that varied from ethnic songs, classical Hindustani (or Carnatic? I’m not sure) and some Blues and Reggae numbers to Rock influenced tracks. Overall a very memorable experience and hope to see them live in concert again.

Thaikudam Bridge09

Thaikudam Bridge01

Thaikudam Bridge14

Thaikudam Bridge13

Thaikudam Bridge12

Thaikudam Bridge11

Thaikudam Bridge10

Thaikudam Bridge08

Thaikudam Bridge07

Thaikudam Bridge06

Thaikudam Bridge05

Thaikudam Bridge04

Thaikudam Bridge03

Thaikudam Bridge16

Thaikudam Bridge15

Thaikudam Bridge02

Sivamani and Stephen Devassy

Sivamani and Stephen 10

Ever since I saw Stephen Devassy perform live I’d developed a liking to his style of music and on-stage performance. So when I heard he was coming to Kuwait for another show I way trying to find a way to get tickets. Luckily a friend of mine gave me tickets to the event in Hawally park yesterday evening. Thanks James!

This was also the first time I’ve seen Sivamani performing live and the duo was pretty awesome. They played for almost 40 minutes and alternated between solos, fast and slow tracks and some highly entertaining duets. I’ve got some random clips of the night in the link below but I hope I can get my hands on the official video taken by the video crew.

Sivamani and Stephen 09

Sivamani and Stephen 08

Sivamani and Stephen 07

Sivamani and Stephen 06

Sivamani and Stephen 05

Sivamani and Stephen 04

Sivamani and Stephen 03

Sivamani and Stephen 02

Sivamani and Stephen 01

An Evening with Earsplit


Recently I attended a CD launch of Kuwait based rock group Earsplit at which they played a few tracks from their debut album. They’re major influences are Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple to name a few and it shows in their music style.

Their album is available for sale on Reverbnation [link] or you can contact them through Facebook if you want to buy the album locally. I’ve added all the links at the end of this post. Here’s a sample of their work.

The band line up is as follows;

Cleatus – Lead vocals/Rythm Guitars
Kenny – Rythm/Lead Guitars, Songwriter
Ash – Lead/Rythm Guitars
Jack – Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals
Roshan – Drums/Percussions
Solo – Keyboards/Synths, Backing Vocals


We had a fun evening getting to know the band and I took some pictures at the jam session and luckily some of them came out half decent. Equipment used was lent to me by Roshan Crasta over at Roshan Crasta Photography and post processing was done by me.



Earsplit Official Website [link]
Earsplit on Facebook [link]
Earsplit on Sound Cloud [link]

98.4 UFM Back Online

98.4ufm online

A couple of months ago I had posted about the sudden demise of Kuwait’s first Indian FM radio station. Now according to their Facebook page, it appears that they’re coming back on the air but as an online radio service on May 1st 2013.

While this may be good news for some, how bout the people who don’t have a data plan on their mobiles or an internet connection at home? You can listen to the test broadcast now on their homepage which I’ve linked [here]

RIP 98.4UFM?

On Valentine’s Day many of us were surprised to see this message on 98.4UFM’s Facebook page. It was not secret that running the radio station was a huge expense but most of us wished that advertisement revenue would somehow bail it out from the red to black.

This was the message from the COO;
Dear UFM 98.4 Listeners,
We regret to inform you that we have to stop the broadcast of your much loved UFM 98.4 for reasons that the Broadcast License fee by the Government was too high to run the station. The owners were funding the project for the last 11 months making huge loses, more like a charity to Indian community.

We couldn’t get good advertiser support and couldn’t generate funds , so the owners decided to stop the funding and hence we had to silence the station.
We thank all our beloved listeners for all the Love, Encouragement and Life you brought into the station making us feel the station is yours with your loyalty.
We also thank all the advertisers who really supported us to reduce our loses and bring it this far.

We will be bidding for the new license if it comes for bid under the same banner and hope that we will win at affordable rate and then your voice will be heard again,.
Meanwhile thank you again and keep us in prayers.

Please note; All the winners for all competition going on 13 will be announced thru FB , web and direct contact if possible and will be awarded.

Vinukumar Nair
Chief Operating Officer

Hope they get back on their feet soon.


Sudhandhira Paravaigal – Single

I recently found out that one of our friends, Vishak, had collaborated on a music single with a couple of other friends of his. The fact that this wall done in a home studio is pretty cool. The song has a catchy beat, the video is a completely different matter unfortunately. All the best to these guys.

Thanks for the link; Pradeep

Music – Arun Nair
Lyrics – Prasanth Perumal
Vocals – Vishak Krishnakumar & Arun Nair

Youtube [link]


Stephen Devassy and the Solid Band

Last night I attended the music concert featuring Hariharan, Stephen Devassy and the Solid Band. We were lucky enough to get seats about 5 rows from the stage and we really has a great evening. I’d never heard of this musician before last night and I was pleasantly surprised by his musical style and speed. Think of an Indian version of Yngwie Malmsteen and that’s what he sounds and plays like.

I gotta find out if I can buy any of his albums on Flipkart or get them in a music shop in Kerala.

More info on Stephen Devassy on [Wikipedia]
Stephen Devassy [website]

Here’s a picture and video that we shot at the concert. Both were taken with a mobile so quality is really bad.



ps. oh yeah btw Hariharan was good too. 🙂

My Flipkart experience

A couple of months ago I has posted about ordering from and since then I had placed quite a few orders. All the items were non essential so I wasn’t too worried about the shipping time. My orders were for some music Cds, movie DVDs, a video camera bag and books.All the items arrived in exactly the time frame mentioned on the website and I’m very happy with the service. Here’s the breakdown;

I think Flipkart has a shipping method similar to Amazon coz just like my Amazon purchases the items are shipped from different places and through different couriers. I got my packages delivered by both Blue Dart and Aramex and both parties called up my family in Trivandrum to confirm the time and date of the package’s arrival.Unfortunately at this time they don’t have international shipping but I don’t mind since we have family members flying in frequently from India although I think shipping all these items from India would decrease my cost benefits.

All the items including the book came wrapped in bubble wrapping and there was a thick cardboard layer on the outside. My delivery address and details were clearly printed on the wrapper along with the cost of the item since it was a COD (Cash on delivery) In my previous experience with Rediff Shopping I had a couple of jewel cases cracked by the time they arrived in Trivandrum but in this case all my DVDs arrived without a scratch

Now this is one area with was a little frustrating for me since I seem to have some problem with my ICICI card. So as of now the COD is the only option I’ve used. I’ve written to Flipkart requesting them to allow for international credit cards or PayPal and Moneybookers since thats how I do most of my online shopping. I hope they implement it in the near future so I can pay with my Kuwait credit cards and get the benefit of the exchange rates.

I would recommend Flipkart to all my friends since its been great so far.
Flipkart [website]
Follow on [Twitter]
Page on [Facebook]

Metallica live in Bangalore

A friend of mine took a few clips at the Metallica concert in Bangalore. The Delhi fans must be kicking themselves for missing this.

You can see the rest of his uploaded videos [here]

Enter Sandman [Youtube]