Caesar’s Air Cargo Service – Shipping from Kuwait

Where do we go now ?

When my wife and I finalized our decision to leave Kuwait, one of the things on our minds was transporting a few personal items by air cargo. We contacted three  air cargo services in Kuwait and based on the quick response, quoted price and  their service network we went with Caesar’s Air Cargo.

If you’re looking to do something similar I’ll breakdown the process we went  through;

Assessment: You’re charged for cargo on net weight or ‘volumetric’ weight, whichever is higher. They’ll send over their people to your place and they’ll  calculate both weight and size so that  they can give you a quote.

Packing: We did 80% of the packing on our own but we required their services for packing our delicate glassware and fragile equipment like my cameras and lenses. You will be charged an amount for the cardboard boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap  etc. I must admit that their packing was really good as both glassware and my  photography equipment reached here without any damage.


Storage: Caesar’s have a warehouse in Kuwait where you can have your cargo stored till you are ready to receive them in your destination country. We got a month’s free storage so we asked them to hold it there till I moved into a new apartment  in my new city.


Customs and clearance: We were informed that we’d have to pay the local customs charges once the cargo arrived at the destination port. A couple of days after it  landed I received notice that I had to come and pick it up from the airport  warehouse. Only one of our boxes was opened for inspection and all the boxes were  cleared. The total charge was around 150 dollars.


Pickup: Our final destination was the port of Chicago and the local agent didn’t have door to door delivery so a family member and I rented a truck from U-Haul and we picked up our boxes from the airport and drove back to my place which was  just an hour away. It was my first time using U-Haul and its a pretty good  service. You rent a truck that fits your requirement and drive it yourself. They  even provide hand carts or other equipment to help with moving boxes. Once you’re  done with the truck you can drop it off at the closest U-Haul office in your area.


So in conclusion, our stuff arrived safe in the States and we had a good experience with Caesar’s Air Cargo services. You can contact the person listed on their contact page or visit their office in Farwaniya.

Head Office
Office No: 23, Ground Floor, Waha Mall Complex, Next to Farwaniya Traffic Dept.
Al-Dhajeej, Farwaniya Governorate, Kuwait.
Tel: +965 –24344561 / 24344519 / 24337907 / 24330767 / 24332970
Fax: 24313053

You asked for it and now you got it


Photo by Manoj Olikara

People have been asking for a thunderstorm since yesterday and now that it’s raining things have gone FUBAR.

It took me 40 minutes to get to the airport which is only 5 km away from my place. And to top it all off the police have blocked off all access roads to the airport making things worse. It’s a good thing most offices are closed tomorrow.

On vacation in Kerala


I’ve been busy with family matters lately and then some stuff in Kerala too so there won’t be many posts in the next couple of weeks.

If you wish to keep track of the interesting places in Kerala you can follow me on my Instagram feed

Punarjani Traditional Village – Munnar

Ok so my main PC that I use for blogging is still FUBAR so will have to use my laptop till its back to operating condition. Unfortunately I don’t have LR3 on this machine so I’m using Photoscape for processing the pictures. I’ve also compressed the two hour show into a 3 minute highlight video.

Punarjani is a cooperative venture by a group of artists based in Munnar. They’ve set up a small area near the town where they conduct shows daily. They’ve got a couple of scouts standing by the side of the road to attract tourists so you won’t miss them if you’re driving by. Our driver suggested we book our tickets on the way to the resort coz these shows usually run at full capacity.

Click ‘more’ to read the full post.

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Off to Kerala

Fisherman's day off

I’m taking a break for the next couple of weeks and will be visiting a few places in Kerala. Its been almost 3 years since my last visit so I’m really looking forward to this trip. I won’t be posting much till I get back but you can keep track on my Instagram account.

The picture above is from my last trip, at Shankumukham Beach, Trivandrum.

When do we get our Metro?

I know that Kuwait has plans for a Metro system but it feels like it might take forever to come into operation. I’d love to take the Metro to work 5 times a week and if I get a place to sit I could probably even catch up with my TV shows on the way back.

Here’s come photos I took on the Dubai Metro last month. Also managed to shoot a short video when I was in the front coach.

My Fly Dubai and Terminal 2 Experience

I had to travel to Dubai last week on a business trip but since I was going two days early I booked my tickets separately and at a time when there weren’t too many flights. I’d never flown on Fly Dubai before so decided to check it out.

The Flight:
Round trip to Dubai cost 80 KD and its ok considering I was going and coming back during weekends. Fly Dubai is a budget airline just like Jazeera but I found the service to be a little better than my experience with Jazeera.

For one, the legroom in the flight was marginally better and I didn’t keep bumping my knees into the seat in front of me. The inflight entertainment system offered movies, music and news but you had to pay for entertainment packages. I didn’t opt for that since I was watching some standup comedy on my mobile. Each seat has a USB input and 3.5mm headphone socket so you can connect your own headphones. I’m not sure what formats can be played via the USB port and I didn’t find any relevant information on the menus.

The inflight system also lets you buy items from the duty free catalog including food and beverages so I ordered a Jack Daniels and Pepsi with nuts combo for 25 AED (approx 2 KD).

The Terminal:
Fly Dubai operates out of Terminal 2 in Dubai and its a rather small one compared to Terminal 3. I’ve heard many people complaining about how small it is and the lack of retail outlets.  Also unlike the other terminal you don’t have to walk for miles to reach your gate or exit the airport.

Passport processing:
As usual you have to get a visa application form from the visa office, fill it out and pay 185 AED (approx 14.25 KD) for your visa which has a validity of 30 days. Once you’ve done that you have to to the Iris scanner where a lady (whose #1 priority is texting and chatting) will put down her mobile phone long enough to scan your eye and update your record.

Once you’ve got that done, head over to the passport control counters and they’ll stamp your passport with the entry stamp and verify the passport details. As you can see from the photos, the airport was like a ghost town and there were just about a dozen of us going through the counters. I made a mental note to myself to use Fly Dubai on my next trip if this was how easy it was to land at Terminal 2. Unfortunately this was not the case on the way back to Kuwait.

Honestly I don’t care much about shopping at the duty free shops except for alcohol and in this regard they had a decent amount of liquor to cater to all booze lovers. There’s a scaled down version of Terminal 3 Dubai Duty Free selling a selection of chocolates, trinkets and alcohol. For those looking to grab a bite, there’s a Mc Donald’s, an Irish sandwich place, a Kabab joint and an ice cream shop. I didn’t see much else of interest while I was there.

Also if you’re thinking of getting a Du or Etisalat connection its better to buy it from a shop outside the airport since the activation time is 3o mins, while its 24 hours otherwise.

Back to Kuwait:
I knew my luck had run out when I approached the departure counters for my flight back to Kuwait. The scene inside the airport was pure chaos. Passengers trying to board the Bahrain flight were stuck in line with only less than an hour to take off and the ground crew were running in circles trying to round them up. Since I was in ‘good spirits’ I made way for them and moved further down the queue.

Once I had checked in my luggage, I headed off to the passport control counter and handed over my passport so that they could stamp my exit. The guy at the counter spent a few minutes looking over my passport and then asked to go to the visa section since there was ‘some problem’. I was not sure what the problem was since all my papers were in order. The nice gentleman at the visa section spent a few minutes furiously typing away on his keyboard in a effort to trace any evidence of my landing at Dubai the previous week and was just as confused as I was. Luckily since I had my visa papers and receipt and also a valid working permit for Kuwait he seemed convinced that I was not an illegal 🙂

Now back in possession of my passport and boarding pass I went to the assigned gate to find out that they has changed it since another flight was taking off with an even greater passenger list. As I stood in line I kept thinking of what to order on the flight back some since the humidity had taken a toll on my spirit and I needed a bloody cold beer to bring me back to life. To add to my misery there was a technical glitch on the flight and we had to sit on the runway for about 45 minutes. I had about 80 AED in my pocket and they had magically turned into a bevy of sweating cold beers that floated around my forehead in a happy circle, singing and dancing to a merry Irish tune.

Imagine the feeling when I strapped myself into the seat and heard the stewardess announce “welcome aboard Fly Dubai, flying from Dubai to Kuwait, this flight is non-smoking and no drinks will be served…” Fuck!

Timeout Dubai

Each time I visit Dubai I like to check out Timeout first to get an idea of whats happening in the city so that I can make changes in my schedule to accommodate any interesting events. Unfortunately this time I’ll be missing some stand up comedy shows and the only live music event is Evanescence but I’m not interested.

I will however make use of the site to decide my movie plans and find some nice places to have dinner from. Keep watching this space for more updates from Dubai.

Salalah Day 4 – The final day

It was with a mixture of excitement and sadness that I woke up on our fourth day in Salalah. I was eager to cover the last few places in my map and was also sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place. Once again after fueling ourselves with a great breakfast we headed out to road 49 for a full day’s drive.

Anti-gravity spot: The so-called Anti-gravity road or Magnetic road is a strip of tarmac between the ocean and the mountains near Mirbat. You put your car into neutral and then take your foot off the brakes to see the car gently rolling uphill. Its not really a natural phenomenon,  just an optical illusion but fun nonetheless. If you’re coming from Mirbat town, its on road #49, take the second right turn once you’re on the coastal road and you’ll find this place. I also shot a quick video to show the illusion but it doesn’t really look that steep on video.

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Salalah Day 3 – Wadi Darbat and more

By day 3 we had rented a car from the hotel rent-a-car service and made a list of places that we could comfortably drive to in a few hours. My Garmin had only been updated till 2010 with the Middle East maps but it was enough for us to get around town and the hills without any issues. Since there aren’t many roads or exits in the region its pretty hard to lose your way but having a GPS unit helped us to get to each location without having to stop to ask for directions or consult the map that we had also brought along.

Wadi Darbat: Wadi Darbat is a natural park with majestic views of waterfalls, lakes, mountains, caves, wildlife and lush green vegetation. There is a 100 meter waterfall and many cave chambers with old stalactites and stalagmites. The caves were used by the shepherds as shelter and one can see coloured paintings of animals on the cave walls. At the end of the Wadi, there is a cave which is considered to be the largest natural cave in Oman. [link]

This was our first stop of the day and was probably the best experience. When you drive up to the hills to the Wadi the first thing you see are the huge waterfalls cascading into the streams below. The climb up the hill was a rather exciting one in that some of the corners were blind corners and you had to maintain a certain speed to climb up, all the while making sure that you didn’t crash head-on in to a car heading downhill.

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