Caesar’s Turkish and Iranian Restaurant

Since Childhood Caesar’s has been one of my favorite places for its Chinese food and pastries. This weekend we wanted a change of scene so headed off to their Iranian and Turkish specialty restaurant. Its in Farwaniya next to the Co-op and commercial bank building.

I was intrigued by the Saudi Champagne on the drinks list and we started off with some Fried Calamari and Cream of Chicken soup. The ‘Champagne’ it turned out was a blend of Apple juice, club soda and finished off with some chopped apples and mint leaves ! Oh well at least it was served in a champagne flute.

Main course was the Iranian Ramsa platter. Its a mixed grill platter with mutton kababs, shish kababs, shish tawok, grilled chicken, grilled hammour and grilled prawns. It comes with fries and rice. They say it serves 4 but we could only finish 40% of the meal. I would say that for an average person this meal can easily satisfy 6 or 7 people. We skipped dessert as we had reservations at Cinescape, maybe next time.

Overall, The calamari was excellent, soups were rich and creamy and the mixed grill had a little of everything to satisfy all meat lovers.  I would visit again to check out the other items and also try the Iranian desserts.

Caesar’s Group Site [link]

Caesar’s Farwaniya : 24738777

9 Replies to “Caesar’s Turkish and Iranian Restaurant”

  1. hi, u did not mention if the experience or the food was any good – is it worth a try? for iranian dishes we normaly go to al sadaf al abyat, near khaleejia, excellent food…

    1. Yes it was good, sorry I forgot to mention that, will update.
      One thing you have to be aware of it the portion size, the four of us could only finish less than half of the platter. We had a huge takeaway bag when we left the restaurant.

  2. ok sounds great! will try it out – another place im waiting to try is Naz, in bayan, new iranian cuisine chain of restaurants.

  3. My dad’s the manager there…..nice comments….will make sure to serve you even better….

  4. Please inform your dad that the service was wonderful and especially the Maitre d’ for helping us select from the menu, I cant recollect his name though 🙁

  5. Visited the place 2 days back around 2:15 PM, after reading your review. Ordered Iranian Ramsa platter and It was total disappointment. Shish kababs and shish tawok were missing. Grilled hammour didn’t taste like Hammour but like king fish which was not fresh either. And they charged around Kd 20/-. I wouldn’t recommend this item to anyone. I made the mistake of not keeping with me the list of Items you mentioned that comes with the platter.

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