BEC Reciva internet radio

This is the Reciva internet radio and iPod dock from BEC. We’d been thinking about getting a standalone internet radio for our bedroom and this fit the bill perfectly. Its based on the Reciva internet radio service and there are quite a few of these devices in the market. [link]

Whats in the box:

Well nothing much to be honest, just the player, a power cord, the tiny remote and some adapters for various iPod models.

Music sources:

Internet radio, FM radio, iPod, AUX input and media streaming from a PC on the same network. You can see the list of radio stations on their website [link]


Setup is quite simple and takes a few minutes to detect the Wifi signal and then you have to enter the WEP passcode and it joins your network. The music is categorized by Location and Genre initially and then there are sub menus for each genre of music like Rock, World music, Bollywood etc.

The better the bit-rate of the channel the better the music quality. Most of the ones I listened to were 128 kB so it was decent enough. The iPod can be controlled via the buttons on the player and the remote and charges it too. Theres a 3.5mm AUX input for other mp3 players and thats where my Creative Zen is connected. I didnt check the FM radio coz I’m positive I wont be listening to it since I have hundreds of other channels to choose from. There’s a standard RJ45 socket in the back if you dont have a Wifi connection. The AUX input is also located in the back right next to the headfones socket.

Now for the good and the bad.


. Simple to operate and not an expensive solution

. Good iPod integration and AUX input.

. Reasonable sound quality upto 85% of its volume and sound reproduction is good for most genres, except where theres heavy bass.

. Remote works up to 5 meters away and is responsive


. Quality of plastics used for the player is not top quality and the glossy finish is a dust/fingerprint magnet

. The tiny remote is not easy to operate if you’ve got big hands

. Volume control is button based and not a knob, I prefer the latter

. Does not have an option for battery power hence you cannot move it around the house all the time.

. Speakers are 2 x 5 watt RMS one-way types. No Subwoofer.

Overall: As I mentioned previously this is a low cost player so dont expect the same performance as a Bose or JBL player, it wont satisfy an audiophile but is adequate for the bedroom or kitchen.

Price: 38 KD after discount from Alghanim Excite.

3 Replies to “BEC Reciva internet radio”

  1. welcome to the world of internet listening.
    I own a revo pico
    does it connect to reciva…? heard the new models have LAN connectivity, though this one doesnt.
    great remote and even has a rechargeable battery.

  2. Yeah I felt it was high time, its a hassle starting up the pc just to listen to some music. Mine has LAN and Wifi but I’m using Wifi now.

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