Fujifilm Z300 – Touchscreen camera

My wife got this camera recently and I spent some time going over the features and controls. The first thing that came into my mind when I took it out of the box was “where the hell are all the buttons?” then I realized that this is a touch screen camera.  Here’s the review;

Whats in the box:

Fujifilm z300 camera, battery, charger, stylus, lanyard, software CD, instruction booklet and a USB cable


10 Megapixel sensor, 5 x optical zoom, 3 inch touch screen, Lithium ion battery

User experience: To be honest I didnt like it that much, I mean I love buttons on a camera and this thing works like an iPhone or an iPod Touch. This may make some people happy but I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. Performance wise its adequate for small gatherings or outdoor shots, while dark environments will result in some grains. It can go up to 1600 ISO but the pictures look like its from a mobile phone. Feature wise it packs in some useful features like in-camera editing and touch up and many other gimmicks that will impress the average camera user. As a point and shoot camera for ladies I guess this is enough.

Available at Alghanim Xcite.


3 Replies to “Fujifilm Z300 – Touchscreen camera”

  1. Maybe self voice recognized the next level – what say?
    The more sophistication is present, The more care is required I guess.

  2. another good review :).hey me thinking of buying a cam(easy 2 use,not pro cam) which will mostly deal with outdoors and inside stores.any word of wisdom???

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