Pioneer AVH-P4450BT – First Impression

After my previous post about the audio install I had a few days to go through all the features and get a good idea of the performance of this head unit. I had previously made up my mind to buy the 3350BT but when I visited Qirtas and Gajria Co. they had just received the new models for 2012 and I stretched my budget to upgrade to this one.

In terms of input options this one has all the ones you’d ever want in a car entertainment system. Its got; DVD, Rear VGA, USB, AUX and Bluetooth Audio.

What I liked most is that I just need to step into my car and it immediately connects to my mobile phone and I can listen to my Internet radio via the car’s speakers. The installer had routed the USB and Aux-in cables into my lockable glove box so I can keep my iPod and other devices safe while connected to the system. Controlling the iPhone and iPod was a breeze through the explorer menu and I had no trouble finding a song or artist. The unit allows you to scroll through the list with a slider and quickly access the files you want. Since I also installed the steering wheel controller interface I can change tracks from the built-in controls on my steering.

Setting up the Bluetooth was easy and now I can stream music or any audio from the phone to the unit from the on screen controls. I was not able to test the call functions however, since I didn’t receive the Bluetooth microphone in the package. An email to Pioneer UAE resolved the matter and they will be sending a replacement unit to the local dealer.

The unit supports DVD video and via USB you can play divx files. The reading time from the USB was quick and for smaller files like TV shows you can quickly switch tracks while movies and longer files took about 5 seconds to buffer before playing. I played a couple of DVDs and the video quality was acceptable for a QVGA screen but anyway video is not the reason I bought this in the first place.

After tweaking the audio settings and manually setting the 8 band graphic equalizer it was apparent that a head unit makes a significant difference in the audio output. The vocals now seem much more clearer and the bass levels are more powerful without the previous jarring I has felt for some tracks. For now I’m happy with the existing speaker setup since I mostly listen to standup comedy on the way to work I may upgrade the front door speakers and maybe add a sub-woofer in the future.

I played a gamble while deciding between the Scosche and Metra DIN panel and fortunately the Metra unit looks really great and matches the rest of the dashboard perfectly. All the installation was done at Zaharat Al Naseem and they’ve done a good clean job and the best part is that they know exactly what is required and how to go about it. The rear camera had to be installed in the split tail gate since I bought a larger model with night vision but it fits flush with the body and works great. (The dust is from my desert drive this morning)

Overall I’m very satisfied with the way things have turned out and I’d recommend this unit if you’re looking to upgrade your factory unit.

Zaharat Al Naseem
Sharq, Reneem Bldg,
Opp. Arraya Center,

11 Replies to “Pioneer AVH-P4450BT – First Impression”

  1. Can an external HDD be connected to the USB cable? I think the Headunit at this place in Sharq is costing more than the company. Totally how long did it take for the installation?

    1. The USB supports up to 32 GB flash memory, I’m not sure about HDDs.
      I bought my unit from Qirtas Gajaria in Kuwait city. Listed price was 178, and they knocked off 38 KD.

  2. Thanx a lot Mathew for the info. I just came to know that you are a friend of my cousin brother Nebu and my close friend Krishna (IFA TOurs & Travels)

  3. I am really confused on the headunits, so many in the market and tough to choose, though I am hardcore of pioneer, have been using their units since 35 years.

    Now this Kenwood unit has come out with so much features, really hard to should check out the KENWOOD DDX8036BT and DDX7036BT, really cool features and the most important thing that caught my eye on this one is the detachable screen unit..

    ..thinking about the car thieves here in kuwait.

  4. Can you share with me your Eq settings
    I just got one exactly the same and am trying to set the Eq. I have a 10inch focal sub woofer connected to it.
    Haven’t find the best settings

  5. Hey Mathew. I recentley bought a 2007 Ford Focus ST. It came with the 6 disc sony front loader. I have this pioneer head unit from a previos car and want to install it in the Focus. But im stuck with the steering controle… What would you suggest I do. Please any info should help.

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