Amman Chat- Salmiya

We tried the ‘Chaat’ at Amman in Salmiya this week and werent very impressed. A lot of people recommended this place since we were missing our regular chaat dose that we got in India but it really doesn’t live up to its reputation.

The pani puri was uninspired, the papdi chaat was missing something, I ordered a samosa chaat and it was the only thing I liked the whole evening. A major disappointment was the  Pav Bhaji. It wasnt even a real Pav!!

Update: After reading a comment on this post, I was wondering if those of you who live in Salmiya or areas with Indian snack shops could tell me which is your favorite and why. Earlier this year I tried to track down a shop called ‘Vada Pav center’ in Mirqab but turned out the building itself was demolished. 🙁  So which is the best place for Indian snacks?

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  1. Yeah, you are right. I always felt that the pav never tasted like the pav we get back in India. but this is the only possible place around Salmiya for chaat

  2. ve heard friends strongly recommend Thakkar near ICS, Salmiya. Each time we cross it, heave a sigh, but yet to have a go there. Maybe you can give a try!

  3. Amman is a great place, I once had bad experience with Takkar, I ordered Idli, first they said no, then the other guy said yes, as i was watching, the cook took some idli’s from the plastic bag under the table, I guess they wanted to sell the left overs.. that was the last time I went to Takkar, Otherwise, I go to Udipi palace which is right behind Amman/Takkar.. Great place, and taste is good ..

  4. I have tried both Amman and Thakkar and seriously both of them suck! The only reason why they are both jam packed is because there is no other alternative 🙂

  5. At one time Amman was better than Thakkar.. but eva since they changed the cook .. it went all the way down..
    Thakkar.. on the other hand strives to please its customers.. the old chap asks his customers their opinion n stuff..
    I use to be a regular at Amman.. but now prefer Thakkar

    @Q8NRI – have u visited them after they refurb’d the place??

  6. Try the new “Bombay Chowpatty” at Souk Salmiya’s Food Court on top; the Bhel Puri & Pani Puri were both good.

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