Anjappar – Authentic Chettinadu Restaurant

I was happy to learn that the famous Chettinadu restaurant chain, Anjappar, was opening a branch in Kuwait. Having spent some time in various places in Tamil Nadu I’d developed a taste for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Tamil fare and this was a great opportunity to relive some of my memories from TN.

Restaurant and ambiance: They call themselves a ‘high class restaurant’ in their advertisement and it really is a notch above the Indian dining joints in Kuwait. The seating areas are well lit and very neat and they also have family booths where you can enjoy your food in complete privacy. Waiters are very quick and efficient and your orders are taken on an iPod Touch which maybe linked to a POS system by Wifi. The family booths have ethnic Tamil Nadu paintings on the walls and give you a sense of being in TN.


Chettinadu nattu kozhi rasam

Starters: I ordered the ‘Nattu Kozhi Rasam’ (free range chicken soup) since this was common in some ‘Military Hotels‘ I used to visit back in the day. From the first spoon itself it was apparent that they have stuck to the basics of what makes a great chicken soup; the spices, curry leaves, chilies and even the mandatory chicken neck were all present. Needless to say that I enjoyed every drop of the soup. I didn’t order any other starters as I wanted to leave ample room for the main course.


Chettinadu Chicken biriyani

Main: Chettinadu chicken biriyani and Chettinadu chicken roast: Now you must understand that biriyani in various parts of India have their own flavors and Chettinadu biriyani has its own unique flavor. Once again I was impressed by the spice blends in the rice and chicken and it tasted exactly the same as the ones I’ve tried in Tamil Nadu. I should say the same about the chicken roast as well, they were cooked perfectly and thoroughly infused with the spicy masala. The biriyani is sufficient for one person and the roast can be shared between two people.


Chettinadu chicken roast

I don’t think I’ve given 5/5 for any of my restaurant reviews but Anjappar truly deserves it and I would highly recommend you try the dishes I’ve mentioned above. I was so happy with my meal that I met with one of the managers and expressed my satisfaction with the food. He informed me that the master chef was brought in from India and they spent a lot of effort in sourcing their spices and rice supplies in Kuwait. I must say that all that effort has really paid off. I’ll be visiting Anjappar again to try out their other authentic dishes like Ceylon porotta and Kothu porotta.

Location: Habib Al Munawer Street, Opp. Metro Cinema. Farwaniya
Phone: 24753911, 24753940

16 Replies to “Anjappar – Authentic Chettinadu Restaurant”

  1. Hi Mathew,
    We are planning to go there today night, guide me exactly where the restrnt is??? howz the seating, parking and all…????

    1. Its exactly opposite Metro Cinema, you’ll find adequate parking space behind the building. Seating arrangements are good and they have family booths too.

  2. Ipod touch? wow… i only seen ipads so far in other restaurants.. I’m really looking forward to going there soon… n am guessing the photos are an android production.. 😀

    1. yup! all photos taken with HTC 🙂 , I didn’t carry my camera since we already had our hands full with my daughter 🙂

    1. Yeah my cousin orders home delivery from them all the time, he lives in Farwaniya but I’m not sure about other areas.

  3. Good food!!
    as they were very busy on Friday night I didn’t want to approach the manager (for some reason i felt they are understaffed) to complain bout my cold food 🙁
    Next time..i will.

  4. i had visited along with my family. really the ambience was awesome and food taste was the same as served in chennai. Anjappar Mutton Chukka and Nenju elambu soup too good. Will visit again.

  5. the quantity they provide is very less. usually in indian hotels one biriyani is for 2 persons. here one biriyani is just sufficient for one person, and the
    and the chicken roast is not sufficient for one person also. i have taken parcel not dine in.

  6. tried this weekend. Its is very good restaurant, food is very good. they must open in salmiya also.

  7. I hated the food at Anjappar and am never going back! The food was so oily. I wanted to try the nattu kozhi biriyani there but was informed that it was over for the day. I was already disappointed and all the food that I ordered was over cooked oily and though tasted okay was very very unhealthy.

    1. We need your chennai branch list , whether the nazarat pet, poondamalle high way hotel has to confirm in your branch list.

      please confirm the same immediately.

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