Avees Puttu House, Alappuzha – Kerala Restaurant

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On my last trip to Kerala, my family and I were on our way to Trivandrum when we stopped at a restaurant, on the Alapuzha – Changanassery Higway, for breakfast. It was my first time there although my father-in-law is a regular visitor and he  suggested the place.

I’ll break down the blog post into shorter sections to make it easier to make it  easier to skim through.

Location : The branch that we visited was located right on the highway on your left, traveling towards Trivandrum. You can’t miss it, its got a giant ‘Puttu  Kodam and Kutti‘ that looks like a giant penis from afar. Here’s the location on  Google Maps [link]

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Interiors: The restaurant is right on the bank of a canal (or estuary? I’m not  sure) and one side of the dining area features large open windows and doors which  leads to an outdoor seating area.  There’s a mock Snakeboat inside that has tables in it and also tables around the  periphery of the boat.

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Food: Although the name of the joint implies its a place specializing in Puttu, I  ordered the Iddiyappam and motta curry as I’m prejudiced against eating puttu with traditional Kadala curry. I prefer my puttu with the regular white ones. Yeah, I’m  racist when it comes to chickpeas.

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The food was good, soft, stringy appams with the right amount of shredded coconut and the egg curry comes with two eggs per order (which is the correct number of eggs for breakfast) and was quite spicy so I had to chug down some cold water to cool off.

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I did try a little puttu and kadala curry from my wife’s plate and it was OK I guess. My kids had a little of both and although both are picky eaters we managed to get them to eat a little.

Overall I’d say the food was fine considering its a highway restaurant and most of the patrons would be people traveling across districts and looking for a decent place to sit down, recharge and then continue to their destination.

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Added attraction: when we entered we found out that they also make their own brand of rice flour, masala mixes and even in-house ground coffee. You can pick up a few bottles of flour or spices to try out in your recipes at home.

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Avees website [link]

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  1. Hey Mathew,
    Glad to see you are back

    Nice Post… Those Images makes me want to just grab a plate…

    Typo… My kids had a little of “both”

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