Desi Treat – Review

Since it was drizzling in the eveing we were in the mood for ‘Desi Style’ comfort food so we stopped by this place to check it out.

As usual we started off with a Pani Puri and Samosa chat. This was followed by a Cheese Pav Bhaji and a Paneer Pav Bhaji which we found interesting when we read it on the menu but when it arrived it wasnt too impressive, the Samosa chat was very good though. For dessert we tried the Gulab Jamun but it  felt uncooked and there was a mass of hard powder right in the center.

Overall we thought it was just above average with a score of 3.5 out of 5, so once again the hunt for a good chat joint continues.

15 Replies to “Desi Treat – Review”

  1. To be honest, this place sucks. I ordered a samosa chat (parcled). The slick looking, immaculate looking (looks can be deceiving) said 0.500. I said, it says 0.450, quickly, he was rummaging for a 0.05, and didn’t, quickly he said that 0.050 is for parcel charges. I said, WHAT!.. Then I thought, why fight over 0.050, he can keep it. I am not going there next time..hunt continues…

  2. Mathai, there’s another one close by. FOOD INN…Edee stores lane towards the garden. Was hoping Desi Treat would be good…The search continues…LOL

  3. After reading ur post i kind of noticed this place while passing by but it was crowded to we decided to go later but i guess after reading your review we have 2nd thoughts !!

    1. Mathai, there’s a couple of nice restaurants at the junction of the Indian Public School lane, going towards the SIMS ACADEMY, called CURRY HOUSE (Indian) & DRAGON EXPRESS(Chinese). Have you seen it? I think its only takeaway , we ordered Mongolian Beef and Dal Makhani(twice)…really nice. Try it out.

      1. Yeah I heard about Dragon Express and Curry House from a Kuwaiti friend of mine. Apparently its popular, but I dont think I’ll be trying it out soon 🙁

  4. hey Matt..
    anytime Indian Delight is much better than takkar, amman and now Desi Treat..
    me and brad went day b4 to desi.. we ordered ragda pattice & mango lassi.. we didnt like at all.. imagine ragda pattice with curd topping ..cheez.. I Wanted to tell him the ragda pattice combi.. then brad,,, chal chal abhi tu … we jus walked away.. thank God we didn’t try anything else ..gujju’s definitely dont know the combination of chat for sure..

    Koi Gujju hai yaha …bago !!!!!!!!!!111

  5. hey I love the pav bhaaji at Desi Treat… jst like u get in mumbai… however, thr seems minor problems with their service which I feel shud improve… Bt I like the food… Also the sandwiches & pizzas r nice… plus th ambience is atleast better than amman thakkar… duh! i dnt think its such a bad option after all… i wud rate it 8/10… 🙂

  6. Honestly, I am fond of this place & visit regularly. The staff is friendly & the food is also nice. I too have heard mixed reviews about the place but it isnt all that bad, atleast much better than aman & thakkar.

  7. Dear All,

    I stopped 3 days before near Desi Treat. After satisfying myself for looks of desi treat i entered inside with my friend. When we sat inside i thought may be it is good just for the looks…. then we ordered sevpuri, pav bhaji and veg grilled sandwiches. That was amazinggg ulti….. the taste for sev puri and grilled sandwich was ulti believe me. I am a regular customer of Indian delights. Desi treat now giving good tastes.

  8. I didn’t like this place either but I do like Food inn. They are by different owners as far as I know. Infact I quiet sure because I know the owner of Food inn. Sad, coz the place did have good prospect!

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