First meal of 2010 – Udupi Restaurant

We had an early service at church on January 1st and for me that can mean only one thing… breakfast at Udupi! 😀 Although I consider myself a meat connoisseur, there are times when I love digging into a hot vegetarian breakfast and Udupi never fails to deliver.

We usually frequent the Udupi branch in the city, just turn left at the signal after Kuwait Stock Exchange and you can see Udupi Restaurant on your right hand side.

Since it was my first meal of the year I threw all caution to the winds and ordered a full breakfast of Pongal, Puri & Bhaji and Kesari Bhat which was washed down with a cup of tea.

What was your first meal of the year? Write in and share with us!

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      1. There was this little restaurant called Vishranthi opposite Brigade Towers, I’d end up going there daily for my fix of kesari bath. They served top notch stuff alongwith filter coffee!

  1. The kesari thing is too sweet for my liking….last time we ordered it and gave up midway!!

    1. We dont have it all the time. Just for old times sake since it was a favorite when we were in Bangalore

        1. (Mega) pixel size hardly matters for any photograph. A good lens is more important 😉
          I use Photomatix to combine the images for my HDR.

      1. I was also wondering about the pixel size, does that matter for a amateur(myself) to a close to professional photographer(not professional) matter?
        If you have a look at my blog you will see I have taken those pics using the N95.

  2. I along with my family went to salmiya udupi restaurant for the new years breakfast. We ordered masala dosa and kesaribath. Kesaribath served first. Unfortunately I found a dead cockroach in the kesaribath and returned it without making any fuss as there were so many other customers eating at that time. We ended up eating only masaladosa. I have decided not to go anymore to these udupi restaurants in Kuwait.

    1. YIKES!!! You made a big mistake by not reporting it, how will they improve their hygiene if no one complains ? I hope the city branch is cleaner…I havent found anything…yet 🙁

  3. hi .. just wanted to ask .. where is exactly the restaurant in kuwait city ? and how is the atmosphere ?

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