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Last weekend was a special occasion for the family and we decided to go somewhere special to celebrate. Thanks to the non-stop advertising in 98.4U FM, the name ‘Jade Garden’ popped up in everyone’s mind.

Jade Garden is located on the 12th floor of the Gulf Hotel in Salmiya, on Baghdad street, right near the Gulf Road. There’s no mistaking you’re in a Chinese restaurant the moment you step in coz of all the red decorations and lanterns. They have tables in smoking and non-smoking sections and we chose the latter.

As I mentioned before the interiors are done up in the typical Chinese way and there’s lots of lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a huge aquarium in the foyer. The dining area was adequately lit and seats were comfortable although some of us felt the chairs weren’t high enough for the table. The staff are cordial and very friendly and brought us the menus and orders quickly and without any issues. They also have baby chairs if you’re taking your toddler along. The restaurant also has live music in the evenings and while we were enjoying dinner, the waiter/singer entertained us with light music from Lionel Richie and other artists.

We started off with Mint Lemonade, Shrimp on Toast, Chicken Dim Sum and Beef Spring Rolls. The spring rolls were the usual kind but I really liked the shrimp toast. In some places they usually mince up the shrimp and you don’t to taste it very much but this one was pretty good. There were nice big chunks of shrimp meat and was very satisfying.The dim sums were small and flavorful but I would need half a dozen of them to be satisfied.

For the main course we had; Beijing Roast Duck, Beef Noodles, Vegetable Rice and Sweet & Sour Chicken. The roast duck came all sliced up and ready to serve while I was expecting it to be carved table side like I’ve seen on television. The duck comes with the traditional steamed pancakes, sweet sauce and shredded veggies. You place a little of each ingredient on the pancakes and roll them up to eat.  I’ve never had such juicy and tender duck meat before and it was my favorite dish of the evening but considering that it costs 15KD for a duck I’d reserve this only for the most special occasions.The sweet and sour chicken was good too, it came with pineapples and kiwi in the sauce and the pieces of chicken had a nice fruity flavor.

We got a complimentary fruit bowl at the end of dinner so we didn’t order anything extra and each one of us got a fortune cookie with a multilingual fortune inside it.

Overall I enjoyed my meal at Jade Garden and would definitely visit again. The food was flavorful and satisfying and had none of the generic overused Ajinomoto taste.  The prices, with the exception of the duck,  are reasonable and comparable to those of other similar restaurants in Kuwait.

Jade Garden [website]
Kuwait, Baghdad Street, 40183
12th Flood, Gulf Hotel
Tel #: +965 99 39 71 47

16 Replies to “Jade Garden – Chinese Restaurant”

  1. We were at the Jade Garden this weekend after reading your blog and pretty pleased with food and ambiance..only thing which really bothered me was the parking, when i tried to use the underground parking a guy walked out of the bakala (next to the gulf hotel)and said I had pay 1 KD for parking. Was that the same case with u?

    And by the way I also mentioned this blog in the “how i knew about the restaurant” comment card 😀

  2. Hi Friend,

    I have been there with my family the last weekend but i found the food having a taste of Filipino Cusine and not Chinese. Even the ambience was more like a pilipino one, the shweshwan chiken and prawns had a funny taste that is not usually seen in the chinese cusines.

    So, please do not tell me that this is a typical chinese cuisine. I challenge anyone who otherwise refutes this point.

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