Jollibee Kuwait

Its been a month after their opening and the crowd shows no sign of thinning out. I went by Jollibee this evening after a 10 hour overtime shift and I was ready to order a huge meal. One of my Pinoy friends suggested I try the Champ Burger and another buddy said I should not miss the Chicken Joy meal. I didn’t want to disappoint either so I ordered both!

Champ Burger: Unlike the picture (as with most fast food burgers) the patty looks tiny compared to the bun but once I took a bite out of it the taste kinda compensated. I liked the tangy ketchup and mayo (I think it was mayo) combo and it almost came close to the Big Tasty from McD.

Chicken Joy Meal: They serve the meals with an option of fries and bun or rice. I opted for the formed and discarded the bun. A pleasant surprise was that you get a little tub of gravy and this went well with the fried chicken. KFC does this in the States but we don’t get it here in Kuwait.

Overall I’d say that this is a pretty decent fast food joint and I’d go again to try out the Jollibee Hotdog and the Aloha Burger. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have Halo Halo.

On my subsequent visits Halo Halo was available on the menu, it was around 1 KD I think and perfect for a hot summer.

Jollibee is located in Malliya area behind Sheraton in the same building as Tasty Restaurant.

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  1. Been there last week and tried their Chicken Joy, Spaghetti and Halo-Halo.. their food really taste good! =)
    A guy from the counter also told me that they accept home delivery, but so far only in downtown area.

    Moreover according to their banner, 2 Jollibee branches will soon to open in Fahaheel and Farwaniya area. 😛

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