Khyber Chicken Tikka revisited

I was on my way back from work Friday night when I called home asking what everyone wanted for dinner. Through some coincidence the options came down to either ‘I Like it Spicy’ or ‘Khyber’. Since I was in the area I went straight to Khyber and ordered Spicy Tikkas, Puris, Parathas and Dal Makhni.The place is rather small but neatly maintained, I don’t recall having actually dining there when I was kid since we usually got takeout on weekends. The place hasn’t changed much in all these years and I hope they stay just like that.

In case you didn’t know, the portion size is a quarter piece of chicken and you get the option of breast or thigh. I went with both and ordered enough for the whole family. Be aware that these tikkas can be rather spicy and the average person may have some trouble finishing off two whole pieces unless there’s some soothing lassi or beer to calm your burning tongue.

So long story short, I brought the chicken, dad got the beers and the whole family had a nice evening. My recommendation at Khyber would be to get the spicy Tikka, Dal Makhni and Parathas. They tasted great back when I was a little kid and they taste just as great now.

Khyber lunch

Khyber is located on Fahad Al Salem Street, opposite Gulf Bank. If you’re coming from Sheraton circle or Muthanna area, keep driving straight ahead till you see Gulf Bank on your left. Khyber will be in the small alley right off the main road. Parking can be a problem during weekdays.

Fahad Al Salem Street – 22454255
Ras Al Salmiya – 25724907 – 25716620

Update: I was checking my old posts and just realized that its been more than 4 years since I last ate from Khyber. I’m gonna make it a point to visit this place at least once a year from now on.

Note: all the pictures are from my Instagram account, that’s why they’re all 1:1 aspect ratio.

10 Replies to “Khyber Chicken Tikka revisited”

  1. Question is not about Tikka. I made larger print @ARTECH and the color of the print was messed up. It has to do with my settings. Could u please explain, what a kind of setting do you apply on the photo before u give it for large print? Thanks.

    1. If the color of the print doesn’t match the color on your PC then you might want to check your monitor calibration.
      I didn’t didn’t apply any settings for my photos, I just gave them the maximum resolution image file.

  2. Will give this a try soon. Where is the other place you mentioned (I Like it Spicy) located? Does it live up to its name?

  3. Beers? Am I missing something? It’s been ages since I’ve left Kuwait, forgive my ignorance, but is booze available now?

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