Mumbaicha Vada Pav

Two of my colleagues SP and PS (oh! I didnt notice your initials are exactly opposite πŸ˜€ ) suggested I try this place and I trust their judgment since one of them is a proper Mumbaiker. Its not very difficult to find, its near the Mosque Roundabout in Mirqab and on the road leading to the Banking Complex. From a quick glance at the menu its clear that they serve only Bombay street food and there are just a couple of tables placed outside the shop.

Since we were there exclusively for the Vada Pav, we ordered a few of them and then added a couple of ‘Patties’ to our order as it looked fresh. Even though it was technically street food, we opted to enjoy the Vada Pavs in the privacy and comfort of our home.

What I liked:

. The Vada was nicely made, the potato in it was well done and mashed properly with no lumps

. The ‘Ghatti’ chutney was perfect! (we later on found out the cook brings his own special chillies from Bombay and that’s why hes stingy while serving the chutney)

. The Bread Patties was something I’ve never tried before and it was rather good and not too oily.

What I didn’t like:

. The bun wasn’t a real Pav! It was just a regular round bun and not the square one that I’ve seen in Bombay πŸ™

. No extra chutney πŸ™ ( My friend later on informed me that ifΒ  you politely request him in Marathi ‘Thulu’, he might be persuaded to give you some extra chutney)

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  1. i remember visiting india last year for a friends marriage and she had asked me to have this at juhu was nice..a bit spicy but tasty…hmm…i see this restaurant alot passing by coz i work in kuwait city πŸ™‚

  2. purple: the guy is from Mumbai, maybe his desired destination is Miami πŸ˜€
    BNDQ8: Its near my office too but this is the first time I’ve ever stopped there.
    onlooler: try it, its good

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