Pizza Connection – Dubai

A colleague introduced me to this place one night as we were walking outside our hotel looking for a place to have dinner from. We walked from our hotel towards the Internet City Metro station and then saw this little joint that had just had a couple of tables by the sidewalk and just a small counter inside.

I was skeptical of the kind of pizza that I would be getting but my colleague reassured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed.One thing that surprised me was that we got our order in about 3 minutes after we had placed it so I thought it might have been a pre-made pizza.

And boy was I in for a surprise. This has got to be, without a doubt, the best pizza I’ve ever had! Everything about it was perfect, the crust was paper thin but foldable and had the right amount of chewiness and crustiness. The sauce layer wasn’t too thick and you could actually taste the chunks of tomato. The other toppings were really thin and not overdone so ultimately you were really enjoying the perfection of the crust and the sauce.

I was so impressed by my dinner that I went to the chef inside to convey my appreciation for the fine meal and during our chat I found out that the ingredients were authentic and Italian in origin and all the pizzas were made in a traditional wood fired oven (I later found out that the oven itself was flown in from Italy!) Our meal was 45 AED (approx 3.5 KD) and was worth every fils.

Pizza Connection is run by two Italians, Andrea and Paolo. Their motto is “Italians do it better” and I agree 100%
Pizza Connection [website] and [Facebook]

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    1. Are you comparing it to Pizza Hut? I hope you’re joking coz this stuff is the real deal and not some mass produced doughy junk. 🙂
      I think the closest thing to Pizza Connection in Kuwait is

      I think the wood fired oven and ingredients is what makes these places stand out. I saw an episode of ‘In search of perfection’ recently which featured Naples pizzas and I’d like to try it at home.

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