Shaab Beach Restaurant

If you’ve been to a local social gathering with food served, then the name Shaab is probably not new to you. We’d sampled their delicious catering on many occasions but until now we’d never been to any of their restaurants. Last weekend we decided to check out Shaab Beach Restaurant off the Gulf Road. *Excuse the quality of the food photos since I shot them all with my mobile phone.

Fish Roll and Chicken

Since it was a warm summer evening we didn’t feel like having any soups so we ordered the Fish roll and chicken lollipop as starters. The roll was evenly crispy on the outside and there was a decent amount of fish and veggies stuffed inside. Everyone’s favorite starter were the lollipops and the cool mint raita served along with it complimented it perfectly.

For the main course we decided on a mix of every cuisine so we went with;
Chilly Beef and Butter Naan
American Chopsuey
and Mixed Sizzler with White sauce

Chilly Beef and Butter Naan

For the main course the Chilly Beef and Butter Naan combo was a hit with everyone in our family. The beef was quite tender and flavorful while the naan was light and fluffy. I was initially hesitant to order the chopsuey since some places add too much ketchup and mess up the whole dish but this chopsuey was really good and had the right ratio of crispy fried noodles to sauce without being too soggy. I would surely order the Chilly Beef and American Chopsuey on my next visit.

Mixed Sizzler with White Sauce

I’m a fan of any sizzler dish but I was a little disappointed with this one but it could be my fault since I ordered it with white sauce over it. As you can see from the picture there was a little too much white sauce and it ended up lessening my enjoyment of the sizzler. I must add that the beef steak and shrimps in the sizzler were really tasty. Maybe next time I’ll have it without the sauce.

Gulab Jamun and Fruit Salad

After all that we had just enough space for a little dessert so we ordered Gulab Jamuns and Fruit Salad. I knew their Gulab Jamuns would be good since I’ve had it on many occasions before and this time too they were good. I didn’t have the fruit salad but my folks mentioned the fruits were fresh and had the right amount of sweetness.

All in all we’d give Shaab Beach Restaurant a score of 4 out of 5 and will visit them again to see what else they have to offer. The place is a little small so be sure to make a reservation beforehand. Overall the food is very good and prices are reasonable.

Al Shaab Beach Restaurant: Shaab, Block 8, Street 81 (Behind Shaab Co-op) Phone: 22660348
Rubiyana Restaurant: Hawally , Phone: 22618073

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  1. I’ve always been meaning to give the place a try ever since I found out about it on the q8nri forum.
    Perhaps if you post the Google link, I will finally be forced to visit it during the weekend.

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