Thai Chow King

Last weekend we decided to try out this Thai restaurant my friend JJ recommended. Its a very small place with 5 tables but we got seats since we were the only ones there on Saturday night! The staff are all Thai and that was reassuring coz I wanted authentic Tom Yum and Panang curry.

We ordered Soups and Spring rolls for starters; the soups were very fresh light and spicy while the rolls were alright. The shrimp in my Tom Yum soup were medium sized and done to perfection, I also had a little of the beef noodle soup my wife ordered and it was good too.

The main courses were quite good and we enjoyed every juicy morsel of beef and chicken. I must warn you that the dishes are quite spicy and may not be easy to handle for some people, yes even  for us Indians. Service is quick and friendly and the place is neat and tidy, thats all I can say coz its such a small place and there’s nothing to mention about ambiance or ‘fine dining experience’

Location: in Al Riggae, between the 5th and 6th ring roads, behind Marzouk building.
Wikimapia location [link]

Phone: 2489 3338
Mobile: 6652 7388

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  1. Hey, how come I didn't bump into you there? And you reviewed it the same day I did. This is becoming a habit! 🙂

  2. I live in Riggae and frequent this place often. Their food is just awesome. Our favourites are Tomkar sea food soup, Panang chicken, Kang Pet Chicken, Thai green curry, Garlic rice, Spicy beef noodles. We also like their Thai iced tea with lemon.

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