Udupi International – Fahaheel

I recently came to know of a new branch of Udupi located in Fahaheel and according to a family member of ours the restaurant has a really nice ambiance and view. As luck would have it we were visiting some friends in that area and so decided to have lunch there.

How to get there:Keep going past Al Kout Mall and Rotana hotel and you’ll see a tall green tower on your right. Parking is available both in front of the building and on the side. Enter the building and take the lift straight to floor 15 and you’re there!

Interiors: This is by far the best Udupi restaurant in Kuwait. The interiors are a major departure from their usual basic designs and the furniture and interior accents are all in dark wood which kind of reminds me of restaurants back home. Service is quick as usual and we had our fill of ‘pure vegetarian’ food while enjoying the view from the top.

View: We sat in the corner that had Al Kout Mall on one side and the oil refineries on the other so it was a mixed bag. Since there were other customers present I shot the outside pictures with the exposure preference for bright light so that diners would not be visible in the frames but you can still see the outside.

There’s plenty of room so I’m sure you wont have trouble getting a table like at the other Udupi branches.

Udupi International phone: 25456565

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  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ ok..its our regular here in fahaheel! but we were a bit disappointed with the stuff they dish out, its not all that great! but ofcourse the view and ambience makes up for it. recently went one floor above, the Maharani Restaurant the 16th floor and was impressed by the food. Non-veg and ofcourse you get the same view! ๐Ÿ™‚ Try it sometime.

  2. Mathai, while it has good view and ambience the food is questionable. We were there only once and the experience was far from good. The Vadas were half cooked and to add to our misery, got a human hair in one. Havenโ€™t felt like going back there. We still frequent the old Uduppi restaurant in Fahaheel- though the place is crowded and lacks cleanliness, the food is good.

    1. Shibi: Yikes! hair? our Vadas were steaming hot so hopefully any hairs in them would have been fried off. But on a serious note, I’ve seen many topics on IIK about the cleanliness issues in Udupi. I’ve yet to have a bad experience so I’ve never complained but I hope their management takes note of this.

      1. Mathai, the issue about cleanliness and human hair, insects is all true. We had a friend who had lunch there and found a fried creepy crawlie in it. And he made a scene there.Not joking, moi friend!!(Psst…Salmiya branch). Long story short…ambiance maybe good but management and staff make the difference.

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