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wah ji wah

After my previous post about Sarhad some of my Pakistani friends and colleagues suggested a bunch of different places for me to sample more of their traditional foods. The places include Shahi Qila, Tabaq, Wah Ji Wah and Al Mano wa Al Salwa. Since Wah Ji Wah was the closest place for me during the weekend I decided to try it out first.

It’s located near the first roundabout on Issa Al Qatami street in Salmiya and is hard to miss. I noted that they’ve got two separate dining areas; one for bachelors and a larger space for families. I was there for a takeaway order so didn’t look into the family seating area. The specials menu on the wall is in Urdu so you’ll have to ask the guy at the counter whats the special for the day.

My order:
Haleem, Chapli Kebabs, Mutton Karahi and Tandoori Rotis.

I guess Fridays are busy for them as I had to wait for about 20 minutes to get my order as there were many people ahead of me. After patiently waiting for my turn I sped off home to unpack the food and take some pictures before lunch.


The first item I sampled was the Haleem and in my opinion it is better than I one had at Sarhad. It was thick, as Haleem should be, but it had a stronger flavor than the one from Sarhad. Its perfect as a sauce for your kebabs or just mop it up with your fresh rotis.


The next item I had was the Chapli Kebabs. Now I’ve had Peshawari kebabs/Chapli kebabs before but each time they were in a different avatar. The ones I’ve had in India were either skewered or  grilled chunks of marinated lamb. This was the first time I’d had it as a flat burger patty. So I consulted one of my colleagues (I think she’s from near Lahore) who informed me that the Chapli kebabs at WJW are very authentic. So I guess this time I’ve had a proper Peshawari kebab and I’m happy about that.


Finally it was time to try out my regular order at any Pakistani restaurant, the Mutton Karahi. The soft tender chunks of mutton in that spicy aromatic onion gravy was just perfect but some may not prefer the level of oil in this dish. I wasn’t too concerned about the oil and just considered it as lubricant to help slide down a mouthful of meat and roti.


Now coming to the verdict, I’m not an expert on Pakistani cuisine but one of my well traveled friends commented that Wah Ji Wah serves the best Pakistani food in Kuwait. In my opinion the Chapli Kebabs were the star in my lunch. Based on recommendations, from some of my friends who are regulars there, the dishes to order are; Dal Maas (Lentils with meat), Karela (Bitter Gourd), Bindi (Okra) and Palak Ghosh (Spinach with Mutton). I guess I’ll just have to sacrifice my cholesterol levels in the interests of maintaining bilateral relations with our dear neighbors.

Wah Ji Wah
Phone: 25651027,  99392124
Menu: [link]

4 Replies to “Wah Ji Wah – Pakistani Food”

  1. The oil is turn off but definitely going to try out the Chapli Kebabs ….
    By the way, going through their Menu , I liked the fact that their Breakfast is Free of Cost ! 😉

    Mathew, you need to do a post about your Top 5 or 10 Favourite Restaurants. Am sure your readers would be interested.

    1. Lol yes their breakfast is free from the looks of it. I’ll check it out next Friday morning 😀

      I have too many favorites so top 10 would not be fair to the rest 😉

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