HG MSM-07S Z’Gok

I bought this Mobile Suit coz I didn’t have a Char custom and plus it was only 700 Yen so its half the cost of an average High Grade kit. Assembly is pretty straight forward and the limbs have a very unique design compared to other Mobile suits. Its probably one of the few mecha designs that doesnt have any kind of accessories at all. All the armaments are built into the the suit itself and hence it looks kind of bare handed…er clawed in this case.

The articulation is pretty good since the limbs have multiple joints and you can make it do a handstand or single handstand without any problems. I’m a little disappointed that it doesnt have any weapons but this gives me a couple of ideas on mods for this kit.


I saw a Japanese World War 2 flame thrower the other day and I was inspired to recreate the same in a smaller scale.. hehe

Z’Gok Inferno coming soon! Muhahaha! 😀

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