HGUC RX121 Gundam Hazel Custom

Its been a while since I’ve had time to work to any of my model kits and my pile of unopened boxes seems to grow every few months. A couple of weeks ago I took one of the easier kits from the pile and figured I’d work on it a couple of hours each weekend or whenever I get some free time. So this is the result of two weeks of erratic work , its a 1:144 scale High Grade Universal Century kit from the Gundam manga, “Advance of Zeta”. You can read more about it [here] I’ve also posted additional WIP pictures on my Figure.fm post [here]

Here’s what I used;
Tamiya Plastic Side cutter
Tamiya Extra Thin cement
Tamiya A4 cutting mat
Tamiya Flat Yellow
Tamiya Red
Tamiya Flat Aluminium
Tamiya Gold Leaf
Gundam sharpie
Tamiya Flat Clear
Sandpaper 600 grit
Sandpaper 1200 grit

Shield booster

Side shot




Rear Details

Front Details

Fly away

2 Replies to “HGUC RX121 Gundam Hazel Custom”

  1. wow bro, that is some awesome paint job and work! Clean and nice love it! I like the choice of using Aluminium for the thrusters. Looks great there. Glad to see you taking time off to pursue your hobby. I know how hard it can be with our little ones around haha!

    1. Thanks man! I honestly didn’t spend as much effort as you in sanding and cleaning up this kit but I’m happy it looks good.

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