Panel lining and detailing models – RX79 and Zaku-ll

When I started building models I would just assemble them and neglect the panel lining. Now since I’m trying to make them look better I decided to panel line a few of them and see if they look better.

You could use a detailing marker or try a panel wash to detail your kits. The first method is rather straight forward its where you use a fine tip marker like a Gundam Marker to follow the panel lines on the kit. The second method involves diluting paint to a loose consistency and then using capillary action to make the paint flow through the grooves.

Once I’ve done that, I use acrylic paints to add finishing touches to make them look as close to the anime version as possible. Now the only thing remaining is a coat of flat top coat but since I dont have a can of that stuff I’ll do it at a later date.

6 Replies to “Panel lining and detailing models – RX79 and Zaku-ll”

  1. Panel lining is one of those little things that you do and can make a whole lot of difference!!! I used to use arcylic last time to panel line too!

  2. i looking for character models for the following

    Megas XLR
    bionic six
    Thundercats(not the old toys) looking for something metalic

    any idea?

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