The Ridge Wallet 2.0

Ridge 3

Its been almost a year and a half since I’ve been planning this post but the only hitch was that I didn’t actually have the item in my hand to review! The Ridge wallet is a minimalist wallet that started out as a KickStarter project and it was a success so when they announced a version 2.0 I wanted to get one too. I don’t want to go into that horror story about the Kuwait Postal Service now but you can read about it [here].

Long story short, after landing in the States I thought I’d contact the company to see if I could get a discount on a second purchase since I never received the first one. The owner of the company replied and he gave me a generous discount towards my next order. How awesome is that? Thank you Daniel Kane!

So why did I need a minimalist wallet?

1. I had a bad habit of stuffing random items into my wallet and at a certain point even approached Costanza proportions.
2. My credit cards and drivers licenses were warping and a couple of cards even cracked and I had to tape them up with scotch tape.
3. The bulging wallet in my back-pocket was causing bruising and back-pain especially while driving long distances.

Ridge 1
So finally I got one and I’ve been using & abusing it over the last three months and its great! I ordered mine in Aluminium Gunmetal color with a money clip. In the box you get the wallet, a sample plastic card and the torx screwdriver. I additionally ordered the elastic inner band a set of torx screws.

So whats good about it?

Rugged and sturdy construction: Its got an Aluminium shell and I’ve been throwing it around quite a bit and its in great shape. Also the cards stay safely inside the wallet and I don’t have to worry about them falling out. The money clip is sturdy too. I don’t use paper money much but its nice to have a few dollars for emergencies. I think in the pictures I’ve got around 20 dollars in various bills.

Ridge 0 Ridge 00

Compact shape: This is what I love about it and my main reason for buying one in the first place! I have about 7 cards on an average and when I’m staying at hotels I also keep my room key-card in there too. So with 8 plastic card stuffed in it, its still slim enough to go into your front pocket and not bulge obscenely.

Safety and privacy: All my plastic cards are in perfect shape and I don’t think there is a chance of them bending or cracking in the foreseeable future. The second one is the RFID blocking, which I didn’t think much about initially but in this day and age its good to have. I tried it out at one of the hotels I was staying at recently. The RFID lock on my door didn’t register the card while it was inside my wallet so I guess this rudimentary test proves it works!

Ridge 4

Conclusion: Would I buy a second one? No, coz it looks like it might last me a lifetime and as they themselves say “This is the last wallet you’ll ever own”. Would I recommend it to friends and family? Oh yes most certainly. I don’t think I’ll go back to leather wallets after using The Ridge wallet.

You can buy them from the link below

The Ridge Wallet

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  1. Mathew ,

    My Purse now looks exactly like George Costanza’s Purse… 🙂
    Seriously need one…

    How many cards can it fit totally ?

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