You Can Contribute To Blogger Mathai


As some of you may know I’d changed jobs at the beginning of this year and plus got some additional responsibilities on the home front so blogging has taken a back seat lately. In order to keep things moving on the blog I’m inviting you to contribute material which may of interest to all the readers.

If you have something which is you think is interesting and would like to see it on this blog then email me with the material and I’ll post it.

2 Replies to “You Can Contribute To Blogger Mathai”

  1. i would like to contribute but am really bad when it comes to writing 🙁 may be i can update u if i come to know of any new cup cake shops or eateries opening .. i guess those topics has real potential in Kuwait 🙂

    1. Lol cupcakes will always be the in thing here 😀
      But do let me know if you hear about exhibitions or other events in Kuwait. Thanks

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