Kuwait Planetarium

The planetarium is located inside the Museum complex. You’ll find signboards leading you to it once you enter the compound. I was hoping to catch the 12PM show and got there at 11:40 but they informed me that the last show was at 11 AM. Talk about a fucking disappointment. There’s nothing much else to see there, just a few displays with model satellites and space vehicles.

Entrance is free and show timings are as shown in the picture.

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  1. By definition this is a museum for 10 yo. This is not a planetarium. I remember sitting inside the dome, when it was functioning as ‘A Planetarium’ it was fun. They should bring it back to its former glory

  2. My dad helps run the place and on a lot of nights hes there taking care of displaying the shows and showing people around. A lot of the little figures you see in the glass cases my dad and I actually built. He’s put a lot of time into making the place look good.

    They’ve had the same shows for years, and only sometimes get a new show every once a year, also the equipment there is around 10 years old now. He’s been trying hard to get new shows and getting the whole place updated, but the problem is the government doesn’t fund or support it.

    Its a cool place and I like the Mars show that’s narrated by Patrick Stewart, but really needs new shows. The special Carl Zeiss star ball is cool though during the show.

    1. Wow you and your dad really built those? Nice work!
      A show narrated by Patrick Stewart sounds good, do they still have it? Thanks for the info.

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