98.4U FM is live!

Kuwait’s most anticipated FM station went live this morning on April 14th 2012 as a special Vishu gift to the Indian residents in Kuwait. I was tuned in while driving to my errands this morning and enjoyed the lively banter from Lavanya on the call-in programs. I’ve requested 98.4U to send us a list of the daily scheduled programs. Keep watching this post for more details.

98.4U on [Facebook]


You can see the list of shows [here] and they also have web streaming on this [link]


21 thoughts on “98.4U FM is live!

    1. mathew Post author

      Thanks, sometimes their webpage just throws up an error. I’ll check it later thanks.

  1. jithu

    Tad lacklustre so far…song choices..must be teething problems…anyways…let be supportive… hats off to their effort, hope they get better with each day….and hey, anything to get the Linda blabber outta our heads. LOL


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