Benihana Kuwait sues local blogger for negative review!

Mark, who runs a very popular blog was recently served with a court notice for a negative review that he had posted about a new restaurant in Kuwait. The restaurant in question is Benihana which is a chain of Japanese themed restaurants with franchises all over the globe.

Now I’d been following the story for the past couple of days over Mark’s twitter and things suddenly started to gather steam when he posted the actual lawsuit. You can read the translated version [here] The amount of support pouring in has been fantastic and its great to see people rallying in support of Mark.

Almost all bloggers in Kuwait post restaurant reviews and the main idea behind it is to share their dining experience so that readers can get information on where to go on a weekend. What they post is their personal opinion and people differ in their opinions. In this case the response to Mark’s review could be seen as over the top and the comment from their management was extremely racial. I hope their case gets thrown out of court and set an example for morons who don’t know how to take criticism or negative feedback.

One of the readers on 248am posted this picture based on the now famous ‘ Are you Lebanese’ comment and its too funny not to repost.

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7 Replies to “Benihana Kuwait sues local blogger for negative review!”

  1. You better keep a lawyers number handy, just in case u review some restaurant and get a bad case of indigestion.

  2. ياأخوان انا استغرب من الناس الي عندها مواقع وتحط الكلام الي يعجبها بس والي مايعجبها يمسحونه والدليل هو انا كتبت تعليقي بخصوص مطعم بنيهانا بكل صراحه وعن تجربه فقلت ان
    المطعم ممتاز من كل النواحي علاقل وين راح التعليق وللتأكيد هذا التعليق راح تشوقون راح ينمسح عارفين ليش لان مو على هوا صاحب الموقع وشكرا

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