Caesar’s Air Cargo Service – Shipping from Kuwait

Where do we go now ?

When my wife and I finalized our decision to leave Kuwait, one of the things on our minds was transporting a few personal items by air cargo. We contacted three  air cargo services in Kuwait and based on the quick response, quoted price and  their service network we went with Caesar’s Air Cargo.

If you’re looking to do something similar I’ll breakdown the process we went  through;

Assessment: You’re charged for cargo on net weight or ‘volumetric’ weight, whichever is higher. They’ll send over their people to your place and they’ll  calculate both weight and size so that  they can give you a quote.

Packing: We did 80% of the packing on our own but we required their services for packing our delicate glassware and fragile equipment like my cameras and lenses. You will be charged an amount for the cardboard boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap  etc. I must admit that their packing was really good as both glassware and my  photography equipment reached here without any damage.


Storage: Caesar’s have a warehouse in Kuwait where you can have your cargo stored till you are ready to receive them in your destination country. We got a month’s free storage so we asked them to hold it there till I moved into a new apartment  in my new city.


Customs and clearance: We were informed that we’d have to pay the local customs charges once the cargo arrived at the destination port. A couple of days after it  landed I received notice that I had to come and pick it up from the airport  warehouse. Only one of our boxes was opened for inspection and all the boxes were  cleared. The total charge was around 150 dollars.


Pickup: Our final destination was the port of Chicago and the local agent didn’t have door to door delivery so a family member and I rented a truck from U-Haul and we picked up our boxes from the airport and drove back to my place which was  just an hour away. It was my first time using U-Haul and its a pretty good  service. You rent a truck that fits your requirement and drive it yourself. They  even provide hand carts or other equipment to help with moving boxes. Once you’re  done with the truck you can drop it off at the closest U-Haul office in your area.


So in conclusion, our stuff arrived safe in the States and we had a good experience with Caesar’s Air Cargo services. You can contact the person listed on their contact page or visit their office in Farwaniya.

Head Office
Office No: 23, Ground Floor, Waha Mall Complex, Next to Farwaniya Traffic Dept.
Al-Dhajeej, Farwaniya Governorate, Kuwait.
Tel: +965 –24344561 / 24344519 / 24337907 / 24330767 / 24332970
Fax: 24313053

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  1. Well, I used GAC when moving to Bangalore (India). They were much cheaper than Ceaser’s and handled 100% of the packaging including some of the packaging of items which we took with us on our person at no extra cost. Zero damages at destination and even at the destination, all our furniture was assembled and placed by their staff.

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