Driver’s License written test online

I came across this link the other day that has a mock exam for the Kuwait driver’s license. The website is very poorly designed and looks like a school kid did the color selection. I tried out the test and scored 85% 🙂

MOI Mock test [link]


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  1. Nice Test. Based on the design, it looks like it is meant for touch-screens.

    I scored 95% (19 out of 20). I really did not know the correct answer for one of them. The yellow inverted triangle.

  2. I scored 85% … I circulated it among my office collegues where most of them secured 85% and two of them 90% .. 😀

    Thanks Mathai for sharing the Link 🙂

  3. المركز: demo
    التاريخ: null
    الرقم المدني: -1
    اسم الطلب: demo
    النتيجة: الإجابات الصحيحة : 20 الإجابات الخاطئه : 0
    100% ناجح
    اختر العبارة الصحيحة
    Q1 : means:
    Children playing
    Passing not permitted
    Q2 : means:
    No entry
    Q3 : means:
    Road end
    Traffic light ahead
    Proceed with care
    Q4 : means:
    Main road
    No through road
    Side road ahead
    Q5 : means:
    Traffic from left
    No left turn
    Left then right curve
    Q6 : continue lines divide two way road mean :
    Overtaking allowed
    Warring lines
    Overtaking prohibited

    Q7 : means:
    The octagonal (eight sided)sign means stop
    This sign means end of prohibition
    Q8 : means:
    Height limit
    Width limit
    Proceed with care
    Q9 : means:
    Traffic from the right
    Left then right curve
    Q10 : means:
    Traffic from left
    Steep downgrade
    Q11 : means:
    Road Narrows
    End of divide road
    Give way
    Q12 : means:
    200M to Exit ramp
    100M to Exit ramp
    300M to Exit ramp
    Q13 : means:
    Children playing
    Pedestrians ahead
    Gravel / rock road

    Q14 : means:
    The inverted triangle means yield to give way to traffic you are approaching
    All traingle warns us to take caution and advises us on the hazard- ahead
    Q15 : means:
    Curve to left
    Traffic from the left
    Traffic from the light
    Q16 : means:
    Road narrows
    Danger road
    No entry
    Q17 : means:
    No trucks
    No passing
    No left turn
    Q18 : means:
    Passing not permitted
    No stopping or parking
    Motor way
    Q19 : with black and yellow means:
    Taxi stop
    No parking
    No bus stopping
    Q20 : means:
    Slippery road
    Two-way traffic
    Airport runway
    الإشارات و تشير الى الإجابة الصحيحة.
    الإشاراة تشير الى إجابة الطالب المختارة.

    للعرض فقط:

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