Inside the Grand Mosque

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During the National Day holidays a friend of mine arranged a trip for us to visit the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City. This was my second visit to the mosque and this time around I had a fish-eye lens in my bag to capture the enormous prayer hall inside.

Hajji Khalil Habash at the Grand Mosque

The guided tours are conducted by the group; “Western Perception of Islam” and our guide was a very knowledgeable gentleman by the name of Khalil Habash. You can see many videos on Youtube of the tour taken by tourists and here’s [a recent one].

The tour of the Grand Mosque is something that everyone living in Kuwait should take at least once. The rulers have spared no expense in creating this awe-inspiring and beautiful place of worship and it shows when you walk around the hall. Our guide, Mr. Habash, explained in great detail about the structure itself and its significance to both Kuwait and the Muslim world. We were a group of around 20 tourists from different countries and so the medium of communication was English.

Grand Mosque_10

This post contains photos taken with my D60 and also the GX1. On my first visit there I wasn’t able to capture the magnitude of the interior with my kit lens so on the second try I used a fisheye lens on my GX1 and that gave me satisfactory results.

The intricate designs on the wall are enhanced by the lights and chandeliers strung across the ceiling. The dome was especially impressive where the 99 names of Allah are displayed on the concave surface.

Grand Mosque_04

Once the tour of the hall is over you’ll be led to an inner waiting area where there’s a copy of a handwritten Quran in Kufic script. Its a page-by-page copy of one of the earliest hand printed Qurans, an example of which is now in Istanbul.

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Grand Mosque_17

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If you’d like to visit the Grand Mosque you can contact either Western Perception of Islam or the Aware Center.

Western Perception of Islam [homepage]

Aware Center [homepage]

6 Replies to “Inside the Grand Mosque”

  1. Thank you so much for the info, I’ll take my family this weekend, love your blog by the way. How much was the fee per person?


    1. It’s free if you visit them directly. If you want a tour from Aware Center they charge 2 KD person.

  2. Dear Mr. Mathai:

    My name is Babu Shankar and I grew up in Chennai and now living in Los Angeles CA. My firm worked on the lighting design of this project with PACE Architects In Kuwait. This project was completed in a record time of six months, from design to completion, last years. You had taken some wonderful shots and thanks for sharing with the world Warm Regards: Babu Shankar

  3. Dear Mathai

    These are great photographs. We were the lighting designers on this project. We would like to get in touch with you to get the photographs. Please write to us.


    Babu Shankar

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