Pay your utility bills online – MOC and MEW

MEW [link]

MOC [link]

The Ministry for Electricity & Water and Ministry of Communications have revamped their websites and offer online bill payments. Unlike previous versions there aren’t too many pages ‘under construction’ and the English version is fully functional too, which is good news for foreigners.

I haven’t tried the K-net payment portal coz my utility bills (water and power) are paid for by the  real estate company and my telephone bill was settled just a couple of months ago but let me know if you’ve tried it.

Thanks for the links KK

4 Replies to “Pay your utility bills online – MOC and MEW”

  1. The MEW online bill enquiry system works on the Arabic site. But for English it says “System Down. Try Later”… And it has been saying that for months now….

  2. In september i had paid my telephone bill via online, after they automatically cut my telephone connection.

  3. I used the old English MEW site and made payments for my electricity bill and for my uncle’s. It worked just fine with KNET payment. The new site has a new wrapping but the payment subsection looks just the same.

    The only problem is that the private contractor who actually collects meter readings and makes the bill has not update my bill since April 2010. Definitely however it is far far better than before. Baby steps towards a better Kuwait. 😉

  4. I wish if MEW make an arrangement to settle electricity bill online similar to MOI.
    I suggest an idea that bill collection to be outsourced to IT professionals who can feed meter reading directly to the system which will ease MEW as well as consumers to settle the bill online on regular basis and will help the ministry to save its cost and energy spend on bill collection at ministry counters. Hope the authority may seriously consider my suggestion and implement as soon as possible for the best national interest.

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