Sargam Restaurant – Salmiya

We had a hankering for chaat this weekend and a bunch of us went to Sargam to try out their chaat offerings. My initial impression was really good, the others shared my opinion too as the chaat was fresh, the puris were crispy and the sauces were good too. But after the third dish things started to get boring really fast. All the dishes were made the same way and they all had the same combination of curd, cucumber and spices. If I’m gonna order three or four different kinds of chaat I’d like them to taste different otherwise whats the point?

I would suggest you just order the Pani Puri, the papadi chaat and then maybe the samosa chaat. We ordered a dahi puri and kachori chaat after that and it tasted exactly the same! I  sure as hell know my chaat and this wasn’t good chaat 😉 and on a last note.. the pakodas were good but could have been crispier.

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  1. Hate sargam … don’t like them waiters .. too heavy headed.. Amman is the best .. at least they are never grumpy.

  2. Chats are better in Indian try their Ragada Pattice. i mean better than Amman & Takkar…
    then the other option is City – Greenland..

    1. Dear Friends,
      If you are vegetarians, then never go to Desi Treat as they have another restaurant by the name “Bombay Treat” which is non veg restaurant.
      Once we found Chicken feather in the Chatni when we ordered south Indian dish.
      We never ever entered that restaurant again. They were not even apologetic even after showing them the feather.
      So take care!

  3. Sargam: very unhygienic. Their very special ras malai is served with cockroach. Same with the samosa sauce. Wish the municipality checks the kitchen if they have one.

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