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My wife and I have been house hunting for the past year or so but we still haven’t found one a suitable one. Initially the problem was that they were either too small or not within easy access of the main roads.

Recently we’ve come across a new problem and that’s the demand from existing tenants for a hefty bribe so that we can move into an apartment. We’ve been calling up advertisers on an Indian forum here but the so called ‘Key money’ demands range from 750 KD to 1500 KD. One guy we called up last week was asking for 1500 for an empty apartment just for the reason that he thought it was a premium apartment.

Now I’m against being forced into buying someone’s shit if I have to get an apartment but when I decided to compromise on that I’m now facing this new key money/ bribe issue. So in short I’d be looking at a total expenditure of about 2000 KD just to move into an empty apartment in Kuwait. Some people have taken a stand against this by complaining to the owners and getting them to vacate the premises in one month or as per the rent agreement but the situation now is widespread and seems to be prevalent only among Indians. I guess my next option would be to move into a neighborhood where there are no Indians or look for apartments not previously rented by Indians.


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  1. I have never understood this line of reasoning, and how it actually works for these so-called ‘tenants’. I mean, are they still paying for the empty apartment just in the hopes of getting the key money?

  2. Crazy buggers…..Trust Indians to make all sort of regulations and crap wherever they stay……

    The explanation that they give is that they had to pay a similar amount to get the flat in the same place and they are recovering their investment.

    I guess this whole thing started with the TITANIC building which is one of the few buildings which can claim to be “PRESTIGIOUS”. I heard that you had to pay upto KD 5000/- to get a flat there.

    Now any building that has a reasonable sized living room and bedroom calls itself prestigious and expects KEY MONEY…..

    Maybe you should call one of the Arabs (Egyptian or Jordanain etc….) and send them to look out for the flat…then see what happens…:)

  3. Mathew, guess u have to look at new buildings as well. But look out for the one bedroom converted into two scams.
    After all the bribe, u have to grease the watch man’s palms as well.

  4. I was thinking the “key money” was only for commercial buildings…. as I am aware that u have to pay a good sum to a prime location for a restaurant/ cafe…

  5. I would suggest you report the the so called “key money takers” via the forum to the authorities.Once 2-3 tricksters are deported and reported in the daily,the so called” key monies aspiring” Indians will be cautious and do the right thing and just get out.

    1. Nope and its getting more depressing with each visit. The new flats in Salmiya are so small that I’ll have to move in with my family with just our clothes and the basic amenities. Better to look elsewhere.

  6. Hmmm. The reason I asked is because there’s a flat going to be vacant in our building by the end of the month. It’s a 2BHK and the rooms are decently big when compared to the new buildings. I thought the current rent of KD 260/- would prevail but the building owners are asking a rent of KD 400/- from new tenants. The building is in Amman Street road side, near the 5th Ring Road. Wouldn’t recommend it at KD 400/-.

    1. I think I’ve just signed the contract for the building you’re referring to. Does that mean we’re neighbors now? 😀

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