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Lib tour 6

This weekend my wife and I went on a guided tour of Kuwait’s Liberation Tower. The trip was organized by Aware Center and we were lucky to get seats for the tour although we weren’t so lucky with the weather. As we approached Kuwait City it was clear that the haze was not going to clear up during our time there.

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The guide took us to the third level where there’s a bridge that leads to the elevators that access the main tower. The tour would only go as high as 150 meters as there’s sensitive defense communication systems on the top levels and entry is restricted.

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Tower info

The third level also has a gallery where you’ll find some pictures of the tower in various stages of construction. I wish they had a proper gallery for it with more pictures and technical and historical information about the tower.

150 meters

There’s (supposedly) a revolving platform on the observation deck not unlike the one you’ll see in Kuwait Towers but there’s no cafe or restaurant. We had roughly over half an hour to walk around the place and take photos. Owing to the hazy weather outside and the dirty glass windows I wasn’t too enthusiastic about shooting from there but I did take a few shots since I was there anyway.

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As far as I know, Liberation Tower is usually off limits to civilians even during the National Holidays so going on a tour with Aware Center is your current best option. You can check their homepage regularly to see other activities that they organize in Kuwait.

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  1. Hey Mathew,

    Nice Post.

    Thought you should know that the links to the Aware Center are not working.

  2. The tour guide said that they clean those windows once every 3 months – it’s a shame they didn’t clean it before the tour, would have made for amazing photos (even with the mist)

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