Enfield Continental GT

Last weekend I met up with a friend after a long time and we spent some time chatting about our shared interests, one of which was motorcycles. My friend is currently getting a classic Bullet restored and we were talking about customizing options on the old thumper. When I got home I remembered this rumor I had heard last year about Royal Enfield coming out with a Cafe Racer style bike so I went online to do some news hunting.

It appears that the rumors were true after all and the Continental GT will be available to motor-heads sometime by the end of the year. I’m loving the new breed of Bullets, especially the single seat Bullet Classic 350 and 500 and now we’re spoiled for choices with the GT. From the looks so far its definitely something I’d love to have in my garage in the future.

Royal Enfield has also added a new production facility from where they’ll be rolling out the next generation thumpers and I hope the final product will be something that is reliable and fun to ride. Here’s a video walkabout of the new plant.

Royal Enfield [website] and [Facebook]

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