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After months of waiting I finally watched Interstellar on IMAX a couple of nights ago. Without giving away any spoilers of the movie I can say that it was a moving experience. Moving, not because of the script or the acting, actually I cared more for the concepts visualized than the script. I’ve been reading about space travel and interstellar travel for a long time but have never seen a movie that actually went to such great lengths to show this on the big screen.

If you’ve read the book ‘A brief history of time‘ by Stephen Hawking you’d have heard about some of the assumptions of worm holes and bending the space-time continuum.  In my previous post on Gravity I’d said that after 2001 Space Odyssey there were very few good space movies and now this is my second best movie after 2001.

I’m going to watch 2001 again this weekend and considering that a movie made in 1968 is on par with a movie made almost 50 years later shows how great a collaboration between Astrophysicists /scientists/thinkers like Carl Sagan and  and movie makers can be. Christopher Nolan consulted Kip Thorne for the movie and it was as close to real science as possible.

If you haven’t watched the movie ‘Contact‘ you might wanna see it if you’re into this genre of film. That too was a great movie concept wise but it wasn’t popular back in the day. The series ‘Cosmos’ is also highly recommended.

This post has probably turned into a ramble about Sci-fi but coming back to the main subject;  watch Interstellar on IMAX NOW! The only negative things I have to say about the movie are; running time is almost 3 hours long and unless you’re a geek you may find it dragging. Since its in an IMAX theater the sound is great but at certain points the bass is so powerful that the dialogues kinda get drowned out.

Best 4 KD that I spent on a movie this year!

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  1. Great Post Buddy !!!

    Have seen 2001 Space Odyssey as well as Contact. Definitely looking forward to Interstellar.

    Missed Gravity though…

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