Thaalam album review


Every once in a while there comes an album that exceeds my expectations by a mile and this is one of them. Honestly speaking, when I first looked at the album art and the song list I thought to myself “oh boy another stupid remix album by a bunch of talentless idiots”. I was wrong ! There are just 7 songs on this album but each one of them has a unique appeal and character.

My favorites from the bunch are tracks 2 and 4. Track 2 is a fusion song with excellent piano work and the vocal talent of actor Nedumudi Venu !

You can check out the songs and buy them on the Manorama website. The albums only 100 Rs. I highly recommend this album and wish them all the best.

Manorama Music [link]

4 Replies to “Thaalam album review”

    1. They have a couple of tracks which are quite a departure from the regular ‘pop’ fare in independent albums

  1. Awesome album! I love all the tracks. Refereshing and amazing! the album is in a loop in my play list!

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