A Sea of Rubber

Outlander at home

Last Saturday, my friend SP and I headed out to the tire graveyard in Amgara after seeing the interesting pictures posted by Mark. The place wasn’t too hard to locate and we followed the path on route 605 till the GPS pointed us towards the compound. We parked our car near the fence and found a opening where we quickly scrambled in. The view was just breathtaking, just millions of tires as far as you can see.


Miles of tires

Peeking over the edge

Island in a sea of rubber

More pictures on my photostream [link]

We had some trouble making our way through the tires as it was tricky getting a solid foothold. We weren’t sure if we were trespassing so we got out of there in 5 mins. I’m gonna visit this place again and hopefully get some better shots.

Some of the paths leading to the compound were really tricky and had a lot of loose sand but I managed to get through it with the transmission in 4-wheel lock mode. I’d suggest visiting this place in an off-roader so that you don’t get stuck in the sand.

Offroading in the Outlander

Location on Google maps [link]

5 Replies to “A Sea of Rubber”

  1. Mathew again great shots!
    this place has become like a tourist destination now and next time i would like to join u know i dont have an off-roader đŸ˜‰

    1. Why would I do that? I’m not a celebrity or a wanted criminal. Either way the MOI probably has my contact details lol!

    2. A friend of mine suggested I do it after the most recent fire in Amgara. Thing is, if I do it I’ll have to replace all the pictures of my car on the blog coz none of them have a blurred number plate lol!

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