Audi R8 – One quick spin

One of my friends from work recently bought an Audi R8 and I was itching to shoot this crimson beauty from all angles the moment I saw her. Last week he had some time to spare and gave me an opportunity to shoot some pictures of his prized car. This vehicle is just amazing, I must have spent a few minutes confused as to which angle to shoot first coz lets be honest… this car doesn’t have a bad side!

Wide and lowBeing a supercar this baby comes with a lot and I mean lot of carbon fiber bits and has a nice combination of polished Aluminium, leather and carbon fiber in the interiors. The version he has is the V8 version and shares the same chassis as the Lamborghini Gallardo. Being the gentleman that he is he even offered to show me the acceleration this red rocket is capable of and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I’m not at liberty to share our video but you can get an idea of what I’m talking about [here] You can visit my Flickr album to see all the pictures from the photoshoot. Click on through for more pictures.



Right door

Knurled shifter

Rear right



Rear vents

4 Replies to “Audi R8 – One quick spin”

    1. haha, no I just held the camera above my head and guesstimated the focus points. It took a few tries but I got a few decent ones.

  1. I love how low the R8 sits close to the ground. It’s such a sleek car and definitely a great crack at supercar design considering it’s Audi’s first time.

    1. Yes its an impressive first attempt but I’m sure they had a lot of input from the engineers at Lamborghini to design the chassis.

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