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If you’re in the market for a used DSLR, now seems to be the perfect time to buy one. Almost everyone has one and as time goes by they get more comfortable with the features and pretty soon they outgrow their cameras. Last month I helped my friend get a used Nikon D60 with an 18-105mm VR lens from the sell section on and it was a really nice bargain.

Now of course you may be worried about the condition of the camera and how its been used by the previous owner. The good thing about SLRs is that you can buy a body and lens from different sellers and combine them to have a nice camera. I generally look for physical damage to the body and signs that its been misused by the owner. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have the original boxes that the kit came in or is missing the documentation coz you can download it from the manufacturer’s website in PDF format. Here are some links that should help you in finding a good used SLR. – Guide to buying a used DSLR [link] – 10 things to test before buying a used DSLR [link] – Tips on used DSLRs [link] – Photography tips [links]

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  1. Yeah…the D60 you helped me buy is probably the best thing I have spend money on so far……waiting for next month to start learning….

  2. Alas, the variety or even the amount of used gear for sale in Kuwait isnt enough to encourage people to buy used SLR gear. I have been looking for a good used 50D for ages but no luck.

    I wish the market was flooded with people buying and selling gear so evryone could have a piece of the pie.

    1. Funny thing is you can find D40s and D70s but no D50s. I think most of the users in Kuwait bought more of the former than the latter. Have you checked E-bay?

      1. I was actually refering to the Canon 50D, but, this what you said furthers my point, why have too much of one thing and none of the other? This makes Kuwait an unsuitable place for buying used gear.

        Also, people who do have a particular body want to sell it unrealistic prices, not knowing the actual market value of the item ( prices of bodies fall mighty fast, mind you) . And when they dont sell, other people get discouraged from selling their bodies as well, which causes the issue to come full circle….no variety.

        I don’t know whether ebay is a viable option or not because I’ve never personally tried it ( this photography upgrade would count as my first personal online purchase), and also, people recommend amazon and adorama and the like because they have used good standards and rating. How would you rate the ebay experience, reliable? good prices?

        I still have time before I take the plunge so I’ll look into ebay as well.

        1. Inflated prices is one of the problems of buying a used item in Kuwait. I haven’t bought any camera equipment from Ebay but Cajie is a regular buyer. You might want to contact him regarding buying experience, shipping and warranty etc. He recently bought a telephoto lens for a really good bargain.

  3. Thanks a lot. I’ve indeed run into precisely the same recommendations about swifter conception elsewhere. I’m undecided about these advices nevertheless let me try to check them and find out personally.

  4. dear mathew,
    i wish to buy a second camera from kuwait….can you help me from where i can buy it…iam not much intrested in photography…but i would like to go for DSLR camera…..either cannon or nikon……first i thought of buyin fresh sony cybershot DSC HX20V and now i thought of buyin second hand slr cam

    1. Check the local classifieds, you’ll find a lot of good deals.
      If you’re not interested in photography then don’t bother investing money in an SLR.

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