Lowepro fastpack 250 review

I’ve been meaning to write a review on this bag for quite a while now but was tooo lazy to sit down and write. I luckily got the fastpack 250 a few days before I went on vacation and I used it thoroughly while traveling across Kerala.

The first thing I want to say is that its not at all like it appears ! I mean it can swallow a whole lot of stuff and keep them secure within its thick padded shell. Here’s what I packed into it;

1. Dell Vostro 1310 notebook and charger

2. NIKON D60 with 18-55mm lens

3. NIKON 55-200mm lens

4. National external flash

5. NIKON battery charger and extra battery

6. Lens hood

7. iOmega HDD

8. Britelite flashlight

9. Camera and lens cleaning kit

10. Swiss army knife

11. Creative zen mp3 player

12. Mobile charger

13. Britelite charger

14. Sunglasses

15. Paperback novel

16. Passports and travel documents

and a few odds and ends like wet wipes and tissues. But the amazing thing is that it never felt like it was going to explode. All the items were nestled safely inside.


The camera section has padded partitions which you can customize as per your camera model and lens. It can accomodate even a D3oo with a 300mm lens attached.

There are many little pouches and little compartments that holds items like your tickets, memory cards, USB devices and flash drives

There is also a bottle holder that I used to carry a 1 liter bottle and it stayed in place while I was moving about

The shoulder straps are wide and padded so your shoulders dont hurt if the bag is heavy and its well balanced too.


No all-weather cover like other lowepro models. This means you cannot expect it to be weather proof if you’re travelling in the open during a monsoon or rain storm

No tripod holder,I have seen some people make a customized strap to hold a tripod to the bag but it may not be sturdy enough if you have a large tripod. If the fastpack 250 had a tripod holder that would make it the ultimate compact SLR bag.

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  1. Thanks for providing this valuable review to us.I was confused about getting the new one.I think it is good for me.But the major problem is the no All-Weather Proof as you described.Therefore it may not succeed in the future.

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