Sony DSC S930 First Impression

My mom wanted a small, reasonably priced digital camera that she could use to shoot photos of events at school or while on a school picnic. Her main criteria was it be very easy to use, ie, as few buttons as possible and should be small enough to fit into her purse, and she didnt want to spend more than 50 KD on it since it would only be used once a month or less frequently.  I’d always recommend a Sony point and shoot camera to anyone who’s not too particular about fiddling with settings or just quite simply want to take a picture and so I selected the DSC S93.

This model is probably the most basic model that Sony makes, its the entry level model in the ‘S’ series and it was perfect for the job. I also got a 2 GB Pro Duo memory card and a Sony branded camera pouch at not extra cost!

Whats in the box: Well…nothing much really, just the camera, a USB cable, Software CD and a pair of Alkaline batteries.

Specs: 10.1 Mega Pixel sensor, 3X optical zoom, Face detection, Steadyshot(but its not optical stabilization), VGA quality video recording @ 30fps with sound.

What I like: Very easy to use and there are no complicated features or settings to worry about. There’s a small sliding switch on the right side that switches the camera between; Still photo, Video and playback modes. The zoom controller is well placed at the top and easy to operate. This camera uses standard AA size batteries that are easy to replace, although I will be buying a Duracell 2400 mA NiCad battery set and charger soon.The feel and build quality is what you would expect for a camera in this range…read that as ‘light and plastic’ky.

What I don’t like: The new user interface on Sony P&S cameras suck! Its not as easy to navigate through the options as the previous edition and I prefer the old menu systems. Flash is weak and not suited to very large rooms or in low light conditions. It doesn’t have a built in speaker, so when you review a video clip that you shot you’ll just be looking at a silent movie. Like other new compact cameras, this one lacks a viewfinder so you’ll have some trouble composing your shot if you’re outdoors at noon or in very bright light.

The Sony DSC S930 is KD 40.900 at your local Sony dealer. It comes with a Sony 2GB Pro Duo card and a Sony camera pouch.

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    Digital SLR comes from digital single lens reflex, which is named this way because of the mirror that sits behind the lens of the camera and sends the light to the viewfinder.

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